Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mad about Dukes' gourmet burgers

So I rap myself on the hand for all the eating I've been doing without blogging.
I'll start with a wonderful relatively new place in Greenside. Dukes is a wonderful gourmet burger eatery, so if it's a burger you're after Dukes is the place to go. It's has burgers with wonderful trimmings, but you also get the option to make your own plain and simple.
Dukes does not have their liquor license yet, well at least they didn't last week. Which made our dinner given the size of the burgers a steal at R230. We had the Thelma and Louise, fidel castro and a make it up yourself burger.
I had the Thelma and Louise which is a thick burger patty (they only come that way) with a sweet balsamic reduction, crunchy pears and a salty but mild blue cheese sauce. It was absolutely delicious and a well balance burger with the sweet yet tangy crunchy pear surprise.
I must say that the patty could use a touch more salt and pepper. I totally understand they have so burgers with so many different flavours that they can't over spice the patties, but please sir a touch more salt and pepper. The chips are thick cut crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, they are also not uniform chips which makes it feel homely and comforting- made with LOVE!
So if you're looking for a Jozi gourmet burger, try Dukes. They also have chicken and vegetarian options, so caters for all the burger eaters. The dessert menu is filled with assorted pies like the traditional apple, a berry pie and one with caramel which are all served topped with spun sugar. Alas the burger was all i could handle for the night but the dessert pies looked delicious.

The service is friendly, attentive and not contrived. Top marks for that!

Do call and book because on a Friday night it has reserved signs on every table. Also in summer ask to be seated outside, it's wonderfully romantic with fairy lights. And it's something sexy to put burger and romantic all into one.

These are man sized burgers, so come hungry! and don't forget to grab your tipple at the bottle store two doors down.