Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did someone say bacon and food truck? BaconBaconSF

Courtesy thrillist.com
Those who know me know I'm a sucker for a food truck and have a penchant for bacon. So when foodspotting appeared on my twitter timeline with LOVE bacon? LOVE food trucks? I knew they could only be speaking to me. And then this food truck happens to be in San Francisco, to which I have a trip in less than a month, I knew it must be kismit!

Foodspotting led me to Thrillist http://www.thrillist.com/food/san-francisco/ca/94107/soma/bacon-bacon-truck_bacon_food-trucks#

Here's to eating to my bacony heart's content in San Fran https://www.facebook.com/baconbaconsf
Also love the cheesy shirts, ooh bacon and cheese yum!
courtesy http://www.baconbaconsf.com/

Monday, July 18, 2011

Quick pick me up from Patisserie - Lemon loaf!

One of the places I frequent just to have a look at what sweet treats they have to offer is The Patisserie in the post office centre Illovo. Last Wednesday was my birthday and uncharacteristically I hadn't ordered a cake, so off to the Patisserie I went.

I walked out with a lemon loaf, topped with lemon drizzle/icing. The loaf was a hit in the office, even with those on diet. It's moist, bright, sharp and tart but also slightly sweet. Seriously, a taste explosion to quote my colleague.

For anyone who has a sweet tooth, do yourself a favour and pop into Patisserie. Treat yourself to something new each time because I guarantee you'll go back for more. I can personally recommend the carrot cake it's the best in Jozi followed closely by the Tasha's carrot. The red velvet cupcakes are unrivaled, trust me on this one! The apple cakes, the are mini-ish cakes, and word of advice always buy two. The heart shaped mini chocolate cake is decandent, devilish in fact. Then of course either the lemon or the orange loaf, absolutely lovely.

The Patisserie
+27 (0) 11 268 0044
Post office centre, Rudd road, Illovo (behind Thrupps centre)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Conquering the Ramen craving at Japa

After trying to fight my massive craving for ramen, i finally gave in last Friday and on a recommendation from a friend tried out Japa in Rivonia. I ordered the Cha Syu Ramen, which came in a seriously big bowl!

The broth was wonderful and salty, but salty in a good way. The noodles were fresh and perfectly cooked, slurp slurp. The thin slices of pork were soft and tender, but I must say i felt my pork to broth and noodle ratio was a bit low.

It's served with pickled ginger, nori and spring onions. The trick is always loading up your chop sticks and spoon with the noodles, broth, pickled ginger, nori and spring onions. Without a splash and broth in my face, I'm still working on that.

The BF ordered the Katsu Don which in terms of flavour outshone the ramen. But Ramen I still love you. It was served with a side of miso broth that was super tasty and mildly salted. The Katsu don is rice topped with pieces of porkbelly, shiitake mushrooms and scrambly egg. The depth of the flavour in the rice was amazing, salty slightly porky with earthy mushroom tones. Wonderful! although the bf said the rice wasn't sticky enough - semantics i say!

A side note portions are meant to be shared and are definitely not for one. Overall verdict Japa is super authentic and I'll be back for sure!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today's craving - ramen

I have found that of late I have Asian inspired cravings and today is no different. I am craving pulled pork ramen. I haven't mastered the art of eating it, but trust you me I get through it.

Momofuku ramen

Slightly salty soy broth, with soft melt in your mouth pork belly and strands of pulled pork. Chinese mushrooms,spring onions, pickled ginger. And to top it all off a soft poach egg and on wonderful ramen noodles. My heart is warm just writing about it, and my tongue tingling with excitement.

So I'm searching for the best ramen in Jozi, so far on my list the Duck Ramen at So Yum in Hyde Park and then the Miso Cha Shu Ramen at Yamato, although Yamato's Nabeyaki Udon seems more along the lines of the Momofuku ramen that first sparked my love for this broth dish.

On the hunt for best ramen in Jozi! All ramen on the brain

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jam Restaurant - Eggs Benedict with bacon jam on the side

I was at the Durban July this past weekend, and had an eggs benedict lunch before driving back to Jhb on Sunday. Although it was lunch, the team at Jam did oblige and made my order of eggs benedict. I mean it is simpler than making a lunch dish no?!

The hollandaise was creamy just slightly sharp with a good helping of dill, although just a smidge on the thick side. The eggs poached soft to slightly medium as ordered. Topping a toasted english muffin with smoked salmon.

I noticed bacon jam on the menu so I asked for a side to try. Honestly, this bacon jam tasted like onion marmalade with a slightly smokey bacon flavour but it's super subtle. A big thanks to Miss Nomi http://www.nomivslife.blogspot.com/ for the recommendation.

So Jam restaurant's bacon jam is a sweet, smokey onion marmalade. The hunt for bacon jam continues! Next stop Jozi foodmarkets

Friday, July 1, 2011

New discoveries - Bacon Jam

Just came across Bacon Jam on Oh Joy! blog http://ohjoy.blogs.com/my_weblog/2010/11/bacon-jam-spreadable-heaven.html, yes you guessed US based. Did someone say Bacon Jam?

I can't judge, the maker of bacon jam, because I too am a lover of bacon in any shape or form. Bits, bites, crisps, tender back bacon or crispy rashers.

So I will searching for bacon jam in Jozi. I am totally on it my next free weekend, because this coming weekend is the Durban July, trawling the Jozi food markets. If I don't have any luck, I'll put it on my San Francisco to do list when I'm there in August.

courtesy skilletstreetfood.foodzie.com

I can imagine it already, a slice of ciabatta spread with bacon jam topped with a slice of camembert and a poached egg, yum o!