Thursday, September 27, 2012

Run for the Jozi Fix

When I'm not eating I RUN for the Jozi Fix

Earlier on this year I decided that when I'm not eating I should run. Eat Good Live Good! My first challenge was the 10km Nike We Run Jozi through downtown Jozi on Human Rights day 2012 (21 March 2012).
The 1st Run Jozi
Since then I have decided to join the Nike Braamfies Runners, we stomp through the Braamfontein streets everyday Saturday morning and then have breakie after. I love a mild caffe latte and breakie after a run.
With the Braamfie Runners Photo by: Itumeleng Direro
I think they got tired of my mismatched and non Nike gear. Thanks to Nike Sportwears ZA (@NSWZA on twitter) for the gear. I especially love the yellow cyclone vapor running jacket, it's super light and perfect for the Jozi flash storms.

My next challenge is the next 10km run in the Nike We Run Jozi series on 7 October 2012

I run to get my Jozi fix!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On the bookshelf: Paletas

Just received a recipe book as a gift it has recipes on Mexican summer treats called Paletas: Authentic recipes for Mexican Ice Pops,Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas by Fany Gerson. Perfect timing for summer treat fun.

I've perused the book and first on my must try list are the Paletas de Fresa. Strawberry paletas, which I will be making as ice cubes. The ice cubes will be perfect in a Moscow Mule. Can't wait! Here's the recipe for the strawberry paletas The book also has interesting combinations like Spicy Mango Paletas and Avocado paletas, I love guac so this is like the frozen version without nachos right?!

I may have to get the Zoku pop maker too!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Snack time: Cookies = Happiness

This weekend and well the beginning of this week, I have become the cookie monster deluxe. Sunday I finished a pack of Woolworths choc chip cookies, and yesterday I started on the Woolworths ginger cookies.

The thing is eating cookies makes me Happy, momentarily that is and then I need to grab the next one. This Totally reminds me of Carl Barron's gag Have another one!

Courtesy: Pinterest

Monday, September 17, 2012

On the Jozi hit list: Love Food Cafe

I stumbled across Love Food this morning, I can't for the life of me remember how.

Love Food is Jamie's baby and in her own words "I'm totally obsessed with food" which means we'll get on famously. Love Food started out as a catering company and now in addition to that there's a deli-style Cafe which I just must visit soon.

Introducing 'Love Food' Kitchen Deli Cafe

Love Food is a Monday to Friday 07:00 to 17:00 joint, so great if you work around town looking for a healthy alternative to fast food lunching. Menu goes up on the blog every morning

Love Food
4 Ameshoff street, Braamfontein

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New in Jozi: Foundry Parktown North

This weekend I managed to visit the newly opened Foundry: Kitchen Roastworks Craft Bar in Parktown North. My wonderful friend Amy Rawhani of littlemissconceptions gave me the heads up. Thank you AMY!!!!
Foundry just opened this past week and I have to say the feel is very ummmm continental. The concept has moved away from the South African restauranteur classic minimal style decor and gone full on tavern with classic dishes meets street food in a semi-fine dining kind of way.

Here's a slanty peep at their dinner menu which changes slightly everyday, based on my Friday and Saturday night visits.
I will save my review of Foundry till there has been time to settle in, but here are a few items that I've had from their menu.
Pulled pork

White fish tempura fish cakes

Vanilla creme brulee
Be sure to make a reservation to avoid disappointment! Don't say I didn't tell you

Kitchen Roastworks Craft Beer
Parktown Quarter, 3rd Avenue, Parktown North
+27(0)11 447 5828

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pescatarian Chronicles: Lovely veg

This week has involved getting home late for dinner and making whatever is available. Lunch as always is Woolworths prepared meals.

So yesterday, Tuesday, I had the Woolworths lovely veg pea and mint ravioli. The ravioli is served with leek rounds, courgette ribbons, peas and endamame beans on basil pesto. The pesto had the entire office drooling over my meal. Honestly, I couldn't taste much mint but I am having sinus issues so maybe it's just me.

Almost all gone
Dinner was more lovely veg, this time home made with a piece of hake. Minted peas and broad beans, served with stir fried bok choy drizzled with a sesame oil dijon mustard dressing and pan fried hake.

Bok Choy, minted peas & broad beans, pan fried hake

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pescatarian Chronicles: The weekend edition

I have to confess that I have decided that i'll allow myself a piece of meat once a week. Why you ask? Well my brother made a man's dinner on Friday night with roast lamb rack and ribs with chips. I could not resist.

Saturday was filled with vegetarian pasta for lunch and a Vedure pizza for dinner. The Vedure is from Cornuti in Illovo. The CornutiVedure is a thin based artichokes, sundried tomato, olive, onion, mushroom, and green pepper topped pizza, also I added a few anchovies for the salt factor I love.

Sunday lunch was spent at Tasha's Melrose Arch again, this time I ordered the seared salmon on cooked lentils with asparagus. I love salmon it had a great sear and I love lentils, so in essence I was happy. The dish is tasty but next time I'll ask them to hold the fresh tomato that's added to the lentils.

Jozi Foodie Fix spotted on Pick 'n Pay's website

The Ultimate Braai Master  challenge is airing on SABC 3 this Thursday 13 September 2012. It's  hosted by Justin Bonello, totally dig Justin. In the spirit of that Pick 'n Pay Fresh Living contacted a few bloggers, myself included, to get a few of our tips. Check out Here's how we braai, I even gave a garlic apricot glaze for snoek recipe.

Can't wait for Ultimate Braai Master!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pescatarian chronicles: Seafood stew

I'm super excited about day 4 so I'm going to skip right to dinner. For dinner I made a seafood stew based on  Jamie Oliver's baked white fish with olives and a simple tomato sauce. I have to be honest, online Jamie is my go to for easy to execute recipes, followed by Nigella and Gordon. Yes I'm know them by first name.

I followed the recipe with two exceptions I used seafood and not just fish and I added some white wine, a la Keith Floyd, to the tomato sauce. The seafood I grabbed after work from Woolworths Nicolway was  monkfish (on 2 for 1 special - I love a deal), prawns, mussels and calamari tubes.

About to head into the oven

Fresh out of the oven

Served with slices of ciabatta, bellissima!

After this I definitely think I would be able to make a wonderful deep seafood cacciucco. Watch this space!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pescatarian chronicles: Oats & Haddock

So day 3 was a manic Tuesday, all I could grab in the morning were two bowls of oats with honey, cinnamon and raisins. Yes I got that idea from Vida e Caffe. I was convinced I'd be able to survive the entire day on the oats but at 2pm I felt the hunger pang, so off to Woolworths I went. It's down the road from my job.

I decided to try the Oriental prawn and noodle pot salad. All that needs to be done is tear open the dressing sachet pour over the noodles, crunchy carrot, cabbage, spinach slaw and prawns then give it a mix. This is definitely someone looking for an uber light meal.

Dinner was poached haddock with a green salad, alas I was starved and didn't take a picture.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pescatarian chronicles: Woolworths lovely veg

Yesterday was Day 2 and I didn't have time to pack a lunch which meant I did the next best thing, Woolworths prepared food. I know there are people that are anti-prepared food, I am not one of them. I love convenience but it has to be tasty.

Being that it was Meat free Monday I opted for an all vegetable lunch, a bulgar wheat with sundried tomato meal from the Woolworths lovely veg range. It has bulgar wheat, courgette ribbons, feta, rocket, roasted red onion and of course sundried tomato. Light fresh and tasty, all you need to is add a touch of seasoning to taste and microwave for two and a half minutes.

Almost gone

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pescatarian chronicles: Tashas

I have recently decided that I'm going to try pescatarianism out. This means I'm on a no meat only seafood eater. Day 1 was on Sunday lunch at Tashas Melrose Arch. One thing I can say is that Tashas is a great all day eatery and offers variety for vegetarians and pescatarians alike.

I opted for the line fish, dorado, served with a salad of beans, tomatoes, fennel and micro greens. Dorado is a meater fish, which is fantastic for day one although it was just slightly overcooked but well seasoned.

Now to figure out day 2!

Tashas Melrose Arch
Shop 14, The Piazza, Melrose Arch
011 684 1781
Best for:  My favourite all day eatery! Best for all day eating.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Braamfies brunching at Narina Trogon

Walking into Narina Trogon, on De Korte street Braamfontein, reminds me of a couple of New York spots, it's Ze Cafe meets The CoOp I kid you not! Beautiful and serene with calming pastels.

Narina Trogon is pin drop quiet inside on a Saturday morning, with one waitress on hand which is ample. The lack of patrons did not put us off. We, a few of the Love World Tour-ists, started with fresh squeezed juices, all with a helping of ginger to ward off the change of season flu. Think apple pear ginger or apple carrot ginger combos.

The portions are pretty and petite, which big burly gents might object to. But for a ladies brunch the portions were perfect.
English breakfast
Can't go wrong with the fry up well scramble up.

French toast
My french toast was a tad disappointing, it had not been soaked in the cinnamon egg mixture long enough. Although the caramelised banana was wonderful slightly soft and not overly sweet followed by almond flake crunch.

Eggs Florentine
As pretty as the eggs florentine are, they are visually delectable with a perfect poach but the bright hollandaise was average on taste.

I love Narina Trogon's serenity, so I will be back to try the fishcakes at least.

Narina Trogon
81 De Korte Street