Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NY hit list: Momofuku Noodle Bar

The trip has been dubbed the LoveWorldTourNY by a couple of girl friends who are also going to be in New York for a little bit over the summer.

I know you're probably thinking why is Momofuku on the list when it's always on my list because I LOVE LOVE LOVE ramen and Momofuku ramen & their buns too!
A bowl of Momofuku ramen
But what's more is that there is an event happening at Momofuku Noodle Bar while I'm in NY. Ivan Orkin will be at the helm whipping up Ramen until it runs out. Needless to say I will be one of those queuing around the block for a bowl of Ramen - I'm soooo excited already!
Order me a bowl of Ramen so I know it's real!

Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 1st Avenue
New York, NY

Monday, June 18, 2012

Baked camembert

For cheese lovers only!

I served a baked camembert last Friday, as a starter for my father's birthday dinner. After seeing so many contestants do it for Come Dine with Me UK (including the little cutie from Blue), I just had to try it. I opted to just check if Jamie (Oliver that Jamie) had a recipe on his site and yes of course he did, so I used his as a guide Jamie recipe It's a great simple yet fancy and posh seeming starter, a wonderful winter treat for cheese lovers.

This is like fondue in 25 mins, all that needs to be done is put in a few slices of garlic and a fews herbs then bake it for 20mins. Slice pieces of baguette, peel back the camembert rind and dip in. I opted to use the South African (full fat) Fairview camembert and it was smooth, creamy with a subtle smoky undertone.

Always remember it's a dipping race to get as much camembert as you can before it cools down.

Friday, June 15, 2012

So Yum Ramen

I had a tea that turned into dinns at So Yum in Hyde Park this week. Although they are known for their dim sum, it's chilly out and I was in the mood for ramen. You know how I love ramen. So Yum happens to have a duck ramen, I do enjoy duck so it was a go.
This contemporary ramen had a light, flavourful broth, though I could've used with a little chilli. The duck was perfectly done the meat tender and the skin crispy, yes I said it crispy skin on top of a broth. The only thing that beats crispy duck skin is crackling. The broth, soft ramen noodles, slightly crunchy bok choy and crispy skin make for a great bite slurp.

My dinner, well tea, date Nandi of (yes we love her blog) ordered a few recommended dim sum, the prawn toasts and hong kong pears (sans actual pear), to taste. The absence of actual pear was a disappointment to Nandi but she said it was tasty nonetheless.

Happy bite slurping!

So Yum
Ground floor, Hyde Park shopping Centre
011 325 5360

Monday, June 11, 2012

Get ribbed at Turn 'n Tender

I happened to enjoy a steak dinner, well rib dinner, last week at Turn 'n Tender in Parktown North. It has a contemporary comfortable feel not the typical stuffy cigar smoking steakhouse vibe. I have to say it had a good number of customers for a Monday night, we were surrounded by what seemed like regulars. Tables of families, 50 something men on a Massive Monday boy's dinner and father son diners.

I opted for the ribs that made them famous - I was sold by made us famous! Beef ribs with a slightly sweet bbq sauce. Sides of baked potato with sour cream and onion rings. They ask if you'd mind your food served on a hot plate, I love that it's served on the bread board. I loved the hot plate too until my sour cream started melting.

Bib on and time to get RIBBED!

Overall the service was great, just the right amount of attentiveness while allowing for intimate conversation. The ribs were good, Turn 'n Tender is kosher, so if you're a pork rib person I suggest you skip the ribs and order a good ol' steak. My dinner date ordered the rib eye and I have to say it was perfectly done so I had to have more than one taste "just to be sure".

Make the last a winner winner steak dinner!

Turn 'n Tender
Parktown Quarter
cnr 3rd and  7th Avenue, Parktown North
+27(0)11 7887933

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Jozi hit list: Jacobs Board Game Cafe

It's as if someone read my mind when they decided to open Jacobs Board Game Cafe in Parkhurst. Thanks to a twitter friend I found out about it, alas I was snubbed for the launch. But I do like the concept of a good cuppa Jacobs decaf, chit chat and a little fun + games.

I've totally been looking for a place to relax and perhaps play a game of scrabble or cluedo, I'm not a monopoly fan and with the people I know I'd have to rent the place out to play 30 seconds. Can u say R.O.W.D.I.E (not that rowdy is spelt like that). I tried to pop past yesterday evening but it was closed, so will have to try again
I've found out it's open Tues - Sun 10am - 10pm till August because it's a pop up!
Go on like their facebook page:

Let the games begin!

Jacobs Board Game Cafe
69 11th Street Parkhurst (cnr 4th Ave & 11th str)