Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The City Bakery buffet style

Looking for wholesome & healthy then city bakery is a goodie. That is if you consider a chocolate room healthy, which I of course do.The City Bakery is ideal for those who work in the area looking for variety and a good meal in 30 minutes. It has a wide range of savoury and sweets on offer.
Grilled cheeses, bruschetta

Chicken wings, fried chicken, mac 'n cheese

After circling the buffet twice, I opted for healthy Israeli couscous salad with a side of wholesome slightly crispy, spicy chicken wangs. It was all super tasty but a little warming up is needed. I added a non-alcoholic sangria, which conceptually made sense but for me the wine was missing. For the South Africans the non-alcoholic sangria tasted a bit like purity baby juice.

In the chocolate room

The City Bakery is great for freshness and variety, also my brother recommends their brunch time french toast.
3 West 18th Street, NY

Hampton Chutney Dosas

This post is for those gluten-free people like my mum. Dosas are crispy crepes made from rice with a slightly sourdough taste. On my Upper West Side trip I was given a recommendation to try Hampton Chutney for their Dosas.

 I asked for the most popular dosa curry chutney chicken with spinach, balsamic onions & a side of cilantro (coriander) chutney. 
It's packed full of flavour; spicy and turmeric yellow. What they don't tell you is that a dosa is huge, like Akhalwaya's AK huge, so go hungry! 

I could only get half way because I had to save some space for a yummy mango lassi.

Hampton Chutney Co.
464 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side, NY

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday = Smorgasburg

Saturdays for me are market days, off to Williamsburg I went for a food market fix at Smorgasburg.

The Smorgasburg is a melting pot if people; families, hipsters & a sprinkling of cool kids. Too many options so little time!
Jerk Chicken
Meat sandwiches
Drip coffee

I settled for Handsome Hank's shrimp and chips. Squeeze of lemon on the lightly battered shrimp a dip in tartare and pop nom nom nom.

Dessert was a lemonade with a scoop of the most beautiful cucumber white wine mint sorbet in it. Über refreshing!
Happy market day! If you're in New York head to the Smorgasurg it's right on the water.

Friday, July 27, 2012

On the go Kung Fu Milk Tea

Decided to grab a drink on the go while waiting for the M15 bus, I was always on a bus. Spotted this tiny shop, Kung Fu Tea, full of people which is always a good sign.

I said I'm a first timer what should I have? The Kung fu milk tea with bubbles of course. The bubbles being tapioca balls. I have to tell you, it's a trip this drink. For South Africans it's best described as a mild kinda flo, cold tea with large black sago balls in it.

One of the must tries in New York is bubble tea, so do it!

Kung Fu Tea
241 E 10th St, East Village, NY

A taste of Fatty Crab

My brother recommended Fatty Crab as a must go to while in NY, so off to Fatty Crab I went. Stepping in from the rain to a bustling restaurant with a bar in the back, it turns out they jotted down our reservation incorrectly so we had to wait 15 minutes for a table but I'll put this down to lost in translation. Though I have to note I have a great American twang which I use when calling, that's right Boo!

We were told that ordering five dishes would be a good amount for the three of us (my mum, aunt and myself). I took the liberty of ordering the watermelon pickle & crispy pork, green mango & papaya salad, oysters, chili crab, pork buns and the fatty duck.

The green mango and papaya salad is not for the faint-hearted it is fiery hot with fresh slices of chilli. But tasty with a balance of ginger, green mango, ripe mango and sweet papaya.
Green mango & papaya salad
The pork buns, are alas not Momofuku buns, and lacked a little lustre. It was in need of a little cucumber and radish pickle with a bit of oyster sauce.
Pork buns
The pickled watermelon with crispy pork belly was interesting. The textures complimented each other with the soft watermelon and the crunchy yet soft pork.
Pickled watermelon & crispy pork belly

The best dish of the night was the chili crab served with two doorstop slices of white bread. The crab is cooked in a sweet coconut cream based sauce that has an ever so slight hint of chilli. Delish! I even tucked my napkin in my shirt cos "I'm just mobbing like that" lol!
Chili crab
Oh you're waiting to read about the fatty duck, well it didn't ever reach our table. So will have to try it next time.
Dessert was a coconut-lemongrass panna cotta which had the absolute perfect wobble with a sweet savoury taste to it.
Coconut-lemongrass panna cotta
Get your hands dirty and sink your teeth into Fatty Crab! Do let me know what the fatty duck is like.

Fatty Crab
2170 Broadway, Upper West Side, New York

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heaven in Dominique Ansel Bakery

There's this little bakery in Soho that offers little pieces of heaven. Dominique Ansel Bakery is sweet goodness in a store even for those who are gluten intolerant, the have pavlovas and flourless chocolate cake.

Madeleines are made to order, warm with a hint of lemon and sprinkling of powdered sugar.

The salted caramel eclair is perfect with a sprinkling of salt
I juist had to take something away for later, more madeleines and a box of macaroons. Earl Grey, Raspberry Balsamic, Pistachio, Vanilla and Chocolate mocha macaroons.
I always take a piece of heaven to go!

Dominique Ansel Bakery
189 Spring street, Soho, NY

Monday, July 23, 2012

Late night sweets at the Momofuku Milk Bar

Had a serious sweet craving the other night so hopped on a bus crosstown to the Momofuku Milk Bar on the upper west side.

No surprises the Milk Bar was full of customers trying to get their fix and the most popular item ordered was the crack pie, yes you read right the crack pie. Cookies, pie slices, and soft serve ice cream in cereal milk flavour.

If you want a piece of Milk Bar at home they have lots for sale cookie mix, cereal milk mix and of course signed copies of the Momofuku cookbooks.

So this is my Milk Bar fix, a set of truffles, a slice of crack pie and an Arnie Palmer (half ice tea half lemonade) to wash it all down. The crack pie is a buttery sweet salty filling almost condense milk type filling in a toasted oats crust.

The truffles are strawberry lemon, b'day cake and mint cookies 'n cream. My fave was the sweet tart strawberry lemon truffle is a sweet tart bite. The b'day cake tastes like a ball of all sorts of hundreds and thousands.

Momofuku Milk Bar (upper west side)
561 Columbus ave

Friday, July 20, 2012

Alchemy at Apotheke

Sunday night walking through a tiny alley in Chinatown and opening the only wooden door to that leads us to Apotheke. If you walk too fast or don't pay attention, you'll miss it.
It's dimly lit with an air of mystery and alchemy. It feels like an alchemists store with lightbulbs that look like concoctions are on the boil and mysterious bottles dressing the bar shelf.
Love the attention to detail
The menu/ prescriptions is extensive. Prescriptions are divided into stimulants, therapeutic treatments, pain killers, stress relievers, health and beauty, aphrodisiacs, euphoric enhancers, fruit extracts.
The Alchemist (barman) at work
All you need to do is tell the barman know what liquor you're into and the taste profile you enjoy, and for sure there's a prescription for you. We started with stress reliever and a health&beauty prescriptions.
Bees Knees & Dr Ruth
Dr Ruth is a health and beauty prescription with California strawberries, vodka, rosemary, agave nectar, lime and champagne. The bees knees is a stress reliever with Vodka, bee pollen, goji berry reduction, pink guava, ginger, lime and agave nectar - and nectar it is. Can you believe bee pollen?!
Bees Knees
I can't remember what this last one was called but it was super yum and the most popular cocktail around our table of 10.

Don't bother with the waitress go up to bar and get the bar men to put on a show. They are welcoming and super chatty, and I got a free shot. The Sunday night there was live music a blend of jazz, eastern, middle eastern fusion - we couldn't figure the genre but we luuurved it! This is my kinda of place tipples galore!

9 Doyers street, Chinatown, New York

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lunch at The Dutch

Grabbed a little lunch at The Dutch in Soho New York, we popped in 5 minutes before the kitchen was going to close- wipes forehead and orders with haste. The Dutch has a diner feel of a past era and serves straight up American food. The service is relaxed, friendly and attentive - totally diner!
The Dutch Bar
I love the lights

If you know me you know I love a tipple, so the malaga and mint to quench the thirst. The malaga and mint has rum, mango, sherry, mint, lime and cremant - it was stroooong but yum!
Malaga & Mint

After being seated we're served warm savoury herbed cornbread loaf with whipped butter, lovely but I didn't over indulge because I'm ordering the Fried Chicken.
Cornbread loaf

The Fried Chicken is piping hot, crisp and spicy served with jalapeno laced slaw and honey biscuits. This was a real treat the chicken even the breast was tender and juicy yet super crisp (crunch crunch crunch) on the outside. The biscuit soft savoury with that honeyed glaze - licks lips.
Hot Fried Chicken Honey Buttered Biscuits

 My brother had the dry aged burger with cheddar, a secret sauce and a side of fries. He said it was a winner winner chicken dinner lol but really I had the chicken dinner lmao
Dry Aged Burger
Solo on the burger

The parents had the scallop salad and were those not just the sweetest juiciest scallops ever.
Grilled Scallop Salad

Finally dessert which were pies, slice of lemon meringue pie please. The lemon meringue was served with vanilla ice cream. It was super tart, that I'm on the street corner kinda trampishly tart. The poppy seeds in the meringue a great texture surprise.
Lemon Meringue Pie
If you happen to be in Soho and happen to be craving fried chicken head straight to the dutch and grab a slice of pie after.

The Dutch
131 Sullivan Street New York ( Corner Prince street Soho)

Birthday dessert at Gramercy Tavern

Gramercy Tavern Desserts!

The desserts were started off with a small dish courtesy of the chef (no not just for me). Fresh raspberry with ricotta and a fennel biscuit.
Fresh raspberries with ricotta
Although a bit small the plum tarte tatin was yum, sweet and tart. It was served with the most delish roasted peach ice cream.
Plum tarte tatin

Dessert doubles
At the end of the night, we get a sweet coser of chocolates, chocolate tortes and macaroons.

 I loved the evening in the dining room and I will be back to try the tavern and bar.