Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fry up

I ordered a fry up off of the Tashas Athol Square signature menu and it got me thinking on what my perfect fry up would look like.

I have to note that I am not a general sausage fan because most places don't serve pork bangers which are my fave followed closely by boerewors. So my fry up is sans sausage unless it's a banger. Also I prefer to eat bake beans at home warmed up with a little masala. I know the English would not approve of a Fry Up without some beans, but hey this is SA (lol - those who know me get that's sooo funny)

So what's left you ask?
  1. Eggs, prepared to preference this morning it was all about a good scramble. Which at Tashas turned out to be a coddle, luckily I'm partial to a good coddle
  2. Crispy Bacon, need I say more. Can I get a side of swine with that?!
  3. Black mushrooms, and I have to say this is a must not a lack lustre button a full bodied black mushroom.
  4. Tomatoes, either sauteed or roasted
  5. Toast - I'm all white all day with a smidge of butter when it comes to toast in a fry up
  6. Halloumi - A side of grilled halloumi just adds that extra salt kick which I Love
That is exactly what I got at Tashas with added peppery rocket just to cut the fry. Usually the fry up is served with a fried egg but that was not for me this am. The tomatoes are roasted and ever so slightly blackened which is great visually.

The cherry on the top was the way it was served in a frying pan - just goes to show this is not your mother's all day eatery this is ever evolving Tashas.

Tashas Atholl Square
Atholl square shopping centre, corner Katherine str & Wierda rd east
011 884 0365
Best for:  My favourite all day eatery! Best for all day eating.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1st Edition of The WKND Social

I mentioned last week that I'm part of The Collective that have been working on The WKND Social, which is a monthly event focused on Good Food Good People and Good Music. A brunch and day party not to be missed!

Last Saturday was our debut at Narina Trogon (for Brunch) and The Puma Social Club (for the Day Party), it was an EPIC 90s music themed Saturday afternoon.

Brunch was served from 11:00 - 14:00 and featured a menu of classics in line with our 90s classics theme. Egg Benedict, English breakfast, French toasts.
Savoury french toast with bacon & moskonfyt

Egg Benedict with Paprika Hollandaise

Gordon's Dry Gin came on board with classic cocktails for brunch like G+T (Gin & Tonic for those who don't know) and a couple of yummy Gordon's signatures The Apple Tart and the Ruby Cooler.

The rest of the afternoon was all Party at The Puma Social from 14:00 - 20:00, check out the Tumblr and Facebook page for more pics taken by Stephanie O'Connor of!

For more information on The WKND Social:
Like the facebook page
Follower us on twitter

Monday, October 22, 2012

I love Food Jams Jozi

I know I've been away but had a lot on my plate with The WKND Social debut event this past Saturday.

Friday before last I went to the Jozi Food Jams hosted by Jade De Waal. I have to say this I totally dig Jade she's absolutely lovely and a warm, welcoming hostess - no question went unanswered, no glass left empty.
Our hostess: Jade
Courtesy: Mpumelelo Macu from Food Jams FB page
The invite said 19:00 but being Jozi prompt I arrived at 19:30 (cos I was chatting with Vie who lives right next door) and was far from last to arrive. Tables filled with raw ingredients and a recipe along with wine glasses that had little papers inside them, oh what was in store? I picked a wine glass that had the word BURGERS printed on the paper, so I was team Pork BURGERS.

The other items on the menu included peri peri (from scratch) chicken, chilli bites, prune potatoes, hummus and lamb, prawn skewers, and brownies for dessert. Because I was so busy cooking the BANGING burgers I didn't take any pics but here are a few by Mpumelelo Macu from the Food Jams FB page and Vie Myself & I

We made it all from scratch!

The ladies of Team pork burgers getting everything prepped

Getting my spice on!
I eventually decided that it was time to bring out the big guns and put on my apron, no serious cooking can be done sans apron!

The patties
Food Jams dinns
More burger appreciation
I loved the concept of meeting new people while cooking a recipe you wouldn't necessarily cook yourself. also love the suspense and surprise of not knowing what you'll cook till you arrive. It was a great evening spent with new and old friends.

Can't wait for the next one! Cheers to Food Jamming!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Collective presents The WKND Social

For a little while now a few friends and I have been working on a project called The WKND Social.

Who is the  Collective you ask?  Well if I have to say so myself it's a group of talented, strong women, daughters, sisters and some of us are mothers as well. Nandi of FEAST, Thithi of Teeteeiswithme, Vie of VieMyself&I, Steph the Photographer and TumiMohale (her blog is about to be out soon, Can't wait!)

What is The WKND Social you ask? Good Food Good People Good Music! Brunch - Beautiful People - a few drinkies thrown in & a Day Party. I'm seriously excited! We're creating a space where people can socialise and share ideas over a good meal, a few drinks and then dance the afternoon away.

The first installment of this monthly event is happening this Saturday 20 October 2012 in Braamfies ( Braamfontein).


Brunch & Day Party

Ticket includes access to the Saturday brunch followed by the day party.
TIME: 11am to 6pm
Please note: Brunch is served between 11am and 2pm.


Day Party Only

TIME: 2pm to 6pm

Tickets can be purchased online from or click this link :

Here's a little teaser for ya, give ya a little taste of the vibe think 90s, a throwback to highschool socials, boys and girls on either side of the hall waiting for someone to make the first move.

twitter: @thewkndsocial

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's do some Food Jamming together!

Yesterday I posted that I'm super excited for the Food Jams in Jozi this Friday 12 October. I had invited a friend to come along with me, but she was alas double booked. So I thought it would be great if one of you... YES... YOU could join me.
What do you need to do to win you ask?
Simply email the correct answers to these two question to 
Where was Food Jams started?
Which area is Food Jams Jozi going to be hosted in?
And tweet (if you can)
Food Jamming with Jozi Foodie Fix tagging @jozifoodiefix & hashtag #FoodJams

Don't forget to give me your twitter handle when you email the answers.

So simple right?! lol I know

  1. This is a 24 hour blitz competition, it closes Tomorrow night Wednesday 10th October at midnight (Winner will be notified on Thursday)
  2. Preference will obviously be given to those who can tweet
  3. You need to be in Jozi on Friday
  4. You need to be able to get to the Jozi Food Jams location
  5. You need to be 18 years and older (that's a standard clause right?!)

Here's to food jamming!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Looking forward to Food Jams in Jozi

This week I'm looking forward to Food Jams in Jozi hosted by Jade de Waal (yes of Masterchef SA). The first one in Jozi, to my knowledge at least, is this Friday at a location that will be revealed via email on the day, all I know is it's somewhere in Milpark - I love suspense!
Courtesy: Food Jams fb page
What are food jams you ask?

"Social get togethers where eating the food is only half the experience, with the real event being the experience of cooking new dishes, paired in teams with strangers, and invited to improvise, making your part of the meal truly your own creation." - Food Jams About fb page

I look forward to cooking and eating food with like minded "strangers" that are passionate about food.

For more info on Food Jams go ahead and like the facebook page or follow the eat your heart out blog and the food jams blog is in construction/ coming soon

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Service station cinnamon sugar french toast

Met Vie and her handsome, adorable, super smart son Amani for brunch at Service Station in the Bamboo Centre Mellville.  Service station is extremely child friendly, serving juices in short glasses and salmon scrambled eggs in small bowls for toddlers. Loved our waitress' attention to detail and initiative.

The menu is up on the chalkboard wall. It seems to have been a french toast weekend, so I ordered the cinnamon sugar french toast with strawberries and added a side of bacon of course. It's the perfect combination of french toast and pancake cinnamon sugar happiness. I wiped my plate clean, well once I'd added a little maple syrup. Moist, lightly eggy almost savoury french toast rolled in cinnamon and sugar topped with sweet strawberries. Add a salty piece of bacon and it's the perfect bite.

French toasts

Vie had ordered Pimms and I proceeded to order the same, except I like my Pimms half lemonade half gingerale. The waitress was on some this is a ginger pimms, made of ginger cordial, you have to try this! Yooooooh am I glad I did, it's the best Pimms I've had to date including my own. MUST TRY!!!!!!!!!!

Ginger Pimms

Service station is perfect for lazy brunching, buffet lunching and fresh dessert eating for families with kids. the service is attentive and they have Wifi. I went so far as to deem it my brunch spot of choice in Jozi on twitter.

I love french toasts!

Service Station
Cnr of Rustenburg road & Ninth street, Mellville

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Posted up at Post

Posted Up
Post Breakfast Lunch in Braamfontein, corner Juta and De Beer streets, has become my Saturday weekly. The running club starts and ends around the corner and a run is always followed by either a cafe latte or a full on breakfast. I love walking in to the sounds of Vinyl and the smell of fresh brew on a Saturday morning.

It's a no fuss order at the counter and take a seat joint.  I have to say purely from the looks of it, Post's menu has almost everything I could want for breakfast and brunch, at a fantastic price. I say almost because my favourite eggs benedict is not on their menu.

The french toast with honey, camembert and figs is perfect for the cheese lover. Though you have to be a honey lover too, drizzle deluxe. The french toast isn't overly sweet itself, sliced and layered with smokey camembert and drizzles of honey. Topped with a preserved fig (I love konfyt). It's delish! It's vegetarian, so you know I had to add a side of bacon.

It's not just honey, there's mead

The Greek yoghurt with fruit and halva is a must for those who love a decadent breakfast. The Yoghurt is full cream/ full fat lol just the way I like it!
Greek yoghurt
The homemade lemonade is not to be missed!
Lemonade it's homemade
Post is warm and efficient with everything made to order right in front of your eyes. Perfect for a quickie coffee or Braamfie people watching during the week and Saturdays. Great price point! If you're a big group come early, because it is small, and head to the tables in the courtyard.

I have to warn you the guy with the beard at the counter is as dry as they come, but this adds to the charm I must admit.

70 Juta street, Braamfontein
072 248 2078
Mon - Fri 06:30 am - 4pm
Sat 08:30 - 2pm

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Apartment: Let's fill the kitchen

I have recently purchased an apartment, purchased makes it sound so simple and breezy. I'm supposed to move in December, so I've decided it's time to start shopping and of course it's Kitchen First for me. I have some trousseau, thanks to my mum and aunts but I have made two purchases for the kitchen so far.

A Le Creuset traditional whistling kettle in flame to go with lovely mugs I received as a birthday gift earlier this year. The kettles are currently (Sept 2012) 20% off in store and online, till stocks last. I do love a good deal. I can't wait to move in and hear it whistle.

So speaking of a good deal, I recently got put on to City Mob, it's a members only (hit me up I'll send you an invite) site that offers daily curated sales of exclusive experiences, premium products and hand selected styles at a discount. Last week's sales included Trudea french oak boards.

I ended up buying the large round oak board, after some research. I called all the Jozi stockists I know of to enquire on price and yes the City Mob offer was a good deal, with R100 to R190 discount. However this discount is before shipping. My shipping was R89 which dwindled the discount but it was still a good deal 
Courtesy: Benguela Trading

Will keep you up to date on my kitchen filling.