Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paul's homemade ice cream and waffle day!

I spent part of Sunday afternoon  indulging at Paul's Homemade Ice cream & Waffle Day. No better way to spend a Sunday than eating waffles topped with my favourite home made ice cream by Paul Ballen. 

I heard of Paul almost two years ago, through my brother's girlfriend, ordered a tub or two of ice cream for that Christmas and I've been hooked ever since. It's real authentic (yes I said real authentic lol) custard based ice cream.

At the waffle day I had my favourite the Madagascan Vanilla and tried something new the Flambe Banana. The flambe banana has subtle real banana flavour, with the tiniest bits of salted caramel. I believe the caramel bits are from the flambe-ing the banana with sugar.

Do yourself a favour and order a tub or two! My ice cream connoisseur friends agree it's AMAZE and well worth the price!

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