Thursday, December 20, 2012

THE WKND SOCIAL December Edition

This past Saturday we, The Collective, hosted the third installment of THE WKND SOCIAL. The December edition was a picnic braai on the Alex Theatre rooftop followed by the usual after party at Puma Social Club both in Braamfontein.

Here are a few shots taken by the amazing Conner Varin of The Collective

This time menu was a little BR (as in breakfast) to start followed by UNCH (as in lunch) as mains to make the word BRUNCH. Yes I know I'm total cheese. The menu that I conceptualised (so fancy huh?!) was executed by Belle's Patisserie, oh Linda of Belle's came up with the BR.

Think disposable cups, flasked coffee, boxed potato nicoise, jarred watermelon feta salad, pregos in paper bags and paper plates filled with chicken skewers vegetable skewers. All in THE WKND SOCIAL rooftop picnic bbq!

Papaya sticky granola and granadilla with cinnamon stick

Chicken Wings and Vegetable Skewers
Ciabattas for the pregos
Watermelon, basil and feta salad
The treat to end it all off with was Paul's Homemade Ice cream. We offered Butter Popcorn, Dulce de leche and chocolate nutella oreo. Trust me on this ORDER a tub from Paul!

Gordon's Ruby Cooler

Gordon's Mojito

Bottomless cocktails as usual sponsored by Gordon's Gin, this time we were all about jars. Hold onto that jar! We also added a new Gordon's signature to our menu Gordon's Mojito, so yum O! Along with our usual favourites the Gordon's Ruby Cooler and Grapefruit G+T.

 The bar men even braved the flashstorm to keep guests hydrated.

This was a perfect end to THE WKND SOCIAL 2012 Editions, we can wait for 2013!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

In The Kitchen

I was in Cape Town for a wedding weekend before last and managed to pop into The Kitchen in Woodstock. Unfortunately due to my lack of planning it was sans my copy of A week in the Kitchen.
The feel is very homely and so inviting, and as patrons came in and out it really felt like Cheers without the booze of course.

Karen was in and out of the kitchen to greet & have a quick chat with patrons whilst the lunch salad offering was being prepared. Lunch for me was the five salads with slices of turkey and homemade cranberry sauce. Absolutely delish! Hearty, healthy and uber tasty!

Rounded off with perfectly mild latte.

Next time you're in Cape Town make a turn at The Kitchen, especially if you're vegetarian.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New in Jozi: Three Marys, 44 Stanley

I popped into Three Marys in 44 Stanley over the weekend after seeing Aspasia's tweet about it earlier in the week. Turns out it's only been open for just over a week.

It seems to be the brainchild of Salvation Cafe's Claudia Giannoccaro, she's in the kitchen after all. It's a deli come restaurant concept with a menu of flatbreads, sandwiches and salads of the day and on Saturday a gluten-free frittata as well. Along with a selection of pastries and sweet treats. This is totally up my alley.

Made to order flatbreads

I tried this Asian Plum green ice tea for the first time and it is Yum O!

Serrano, gorgonzola, pear and rocket flatbread
Three Marys is good if you are a little peckish and looking to sit in a quite courtyard.

Monday, December 10, 2012

On my Cape Town plate

Last weekend in Cape Town was pretty interesting. My highlight, was the honour of witnessing a friend get married. The wedding at Vaal De Vie estate in Franschoek was the most beautiful I've been to by far filled with warmth and love.

This is what basically what I did last weekend, well a few shots at least.

Posed at Vaal De Vie estate
Ate wedding cake!

Celebrated Love

Drank bubbles at Franschoek Cap Classique and Champagne Festival
On my  Instagram steeze 

Lunched at The Kitchen

Insta what what Vino in Camps Bay

The Camps bay view

I am so blessed!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Chef Benny's SAA business class menu tasting

I spent a lunch last week at a tasting of Chef Benny Masekwameng's (Masterchef SA judge) SA Business Class long haul flight menu at 54 on Bath.

Courtesy: Angelfish PR and Events

We started with a few bubbles courtesy of Moet & Chandon and seasonal canapes. Then leapt straight into the menu, which the chef says is a menu of what he enjoys, recipes from his heritage and recipes from his mother.

White anchovy fillet bruschetta

Marinated fresh tuna salad
Grilled kingklip with a chive sauce served with a warm potato salad
Pan seared beef fillet served on a mielie pap & corn cake with cashew nut creamed spinach & chakalaka
Coffee mousse & pecan pie Courtesy: Angelfish PR and Events
In chef Benny's words the menu expresses "Where I come from, food dreams and where my journey started"

It tasted lovely at 54 on Bath, let's hope it executes as well in flight! Bon Apettite to the SAA business class travelers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Awards

I may be a day late and a dollar short with this post but I definitely can't not talk about the Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Awards. Particularly as this year I am part of the EAT Out restaurant review team here's the link so you know it's real! 

Once again the Western Cape took top honours with eight of the Top ten restaurants. DW Eleven-13 being the only Jozi restaurant to make the Top Ten cut. Really makes me wonder about Jozi, Do we not eat good? Are our chefs not award worthy? Enough with the rambles

A big congratulations to the Italian Jozi eatery Cafe del Sol for taking the Best Italian Restaurant Award, well deserved!

The top ten restaurants:
1.     The Test Kitchen
2.     The Tasting Room
3.     Jordan Restaurant
4.     Overture
5.     Rust en Vrede
6.     DW Eleven-13
7.     La Colombe
8.     The Greenhouse
9.     Terroir
10.   Hartford House
Best Italian restaurant:
For the full list of winners head over to Eat Out and grab a copy of the Eat Out 2013 MAG
Courtesy: EAT OUT

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On THE WKND SOCIAL brunch menu

We are in the thick of finalising the finer details of THE WKND SOCIAL brunch menu for this Saturday. I have a tasting today in fact.
The menu is a combination of my brunch favourites with a few Americanisms. Although the menu is executed by the restaurant (yes it's a secret location still) I am serving a helping of my love into the dishes by making the bacon jam and the dulce de leche myself.

So this week I'm making fresh batches of Dulce de leche and Bacon jam that are featuring on the menu.

The Bacon Jam Journey
I turned these ingredients

Into full on bacon jam goodness! Bacon jam is the best parts of breakfast, bacon maple syrup & coffee all in one jar.
Bacon Jam on toast with cream cheese

Homemade dulce de leche
While dulce de leche was doing it's thing in a water bath in the oven. It's pure decadence but uber cheap to make, I love a good sweet deal!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The WKND Social November Edition

The Collective is at it again! We told you it's a monthly right!

The WKND Social November date has been announced Saturday 17th November. Like THE WKND SOCIAL facebook page and follow us on twitter @THEWKNDSOCIAL for more details.


Let's brunch and day party!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fry up

I ordered a fry up off of the Tashas Athol Square signature menu and it got me thinking on what my perfect fry up would look like.

I have to note that I am not a general sausage fan because most places don't serve pork bangers which are my fave followed closely by boerewors. So my fry up is sans sausage unless it's a banger. Also I prefer to eat bake beans at home warmed up with a little masala. I know the English would not approve of a Fry Up without some beans, but hey this is SA (lol - those who know me get that's sooo funny)

So what's left you ask?
  1. Eggs, prepared to preference this morning it was all about a good scramble. Which at Tashas turned out to be a coddle, luckily I'm partial to a good coddle
  2. Crispy Bacon, need I say more. Can I get a side of swine with that?!
  3. Black mushrooms, and I have to say this is a must not a lack lustre button a full bodied black mushroom.
  4. Tomatoes, either sauteed or roasted
  5. Toast - I'm all white all day with a smidge of butter when it comes to toast in a fry up
  6. Halloumi - A side of grilled halloumi just adds that extra salt kick which I Love
That is exactly what I got at Tashas with added peppery rocket just to cut the fry. Usually the fry up is served with a fried egg but that was not for me this am. The tomatoes are roasted and ever so slightly blackened which is great visually.

The cherry on the top was the way it was served in a frying pan - just goes to show this is not your mother's all day eatery this is ever evolving Tashas.

Tashas Atholl Square
Atholl square shopping centre, corner Katherine str & Wierda rd east
011 884 0365
Best for:  My favourite all day eatery! Best for all day eating.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1st Edition of The WKND Social

I mentioned last week that I'm part of The Collective that have been working on The WKND Social, which is a monthly event focused on Good Food Good People and Good Music. A brunch and day party not to be missed!

Last Saturday was our debut at Narina Trogon (for Brunch) and The Puma Social Club (for the Day Party), it was an EPIC 90s music themed Saturday afternoon.

Brunch was served from 11:00 - 14:00 and featured a menu of classics in line with our 90s classics theme. Egg Benedict, English breakfast, French toasts.
Savoury french toast with bacon & moskonfyt

Egg Benedict with Paprika Hollandaise

Gordon's Dry Gin came on board with classic cocktails for brunch like G+T (Gin & Tonic for those who don't know) and a couple of yummy Gordon's signatures The Apple Tart and the Ruby Cooler.

The rest of the afternoon was all Party at The Puma Social from 14:00 - 20:00, check out the Tumblr and Facebook page for more pics taken by Stephanie O'Connor of!

For more information on The WKND Social:
Like the facebook page
Follower us on twitter

Monday, October 22, 2012

I love Food Jams Jozi

I know I've been away but had a lot on my plate with The WKND Social debut event this past Saturday.

Friday before last I went to the Jozi Food Jams hosted by Jade De Waal. I have to say this I totally dig Jade she's absolutely lovely and a warm, welcoming hostess - no question went unanswered, no glass left empty.
Our hostess: Jade
Courtesy: Mpumelelo Macu from Food Jams FB page
The invite said 19:00 but being Jozi prompt I arrived at 19:30 (cos I was chatting with Vie who lives right next door) and was far from last to arrive. Tables filled with raw ingredients and a recipe along with wine glasses that had little papers inside them, oh what was in store? I picked a wine glass that had the word BURGERS printed on the paper, so I was team Pork BURGERS.

The other items on the menu included peri peri (from scratch) chicken, chilli bites, prune potatoes, hummus and lamb, prawn skewers, and brownies for dessert. Because I was so busy cooking the BANGING burgers I didn't take any pics but here are a few by Mpumelelo Macu from the Food Jams FB page and Vie Myself & I

We made it all from scratch!

The ladies of Team pork burgers getting everything prepped

Getting my spice on!
I eventually decided that it was time to bring out the big guns and put on my apron, no serious cooking can be done sans apron!

The patties
Food Jams dinns
More burger appreciation
I loved the concept of meeting new people while cooking a recipe you wouldn't necessarily cook yourself. also love the suspense and surprise of not knowing what you'll cook till you arrive. It was a great evening spent with new and old friends.

Can't wait for the next one! Cheers to Food Jamming!