Monday, May 31, 2010

The self stir Chai Latte

Had to grab groceries after work and decided I deserve some self indulgence, which usually means a vanilla latte but I’m on a “no caffeine” after 2pm during the week regime. So I had the Chai latte instead from the Woolworths Cafe in Killarney Mall.
The froth was thick and smooth, the ‘Got Milk’ on your upper lip kind. The Chai on the other hand was not that smooth, I had to give my cup a couple of good shakes to dissolve the powder.  It was a bit sweet for my taste (and that’s saying a lot coming from me), but it was a good temperature and didn’t have that taste that hot milk gets when the film/skin develops on the top. I figure they all use the same powder it’s just the quantities that vary.
I usually have a chai latte from Tasha’s, it has a masala tea feel that I like. Not so sweet!
Woolworths’ Cafe chai latte: R20
Tasha’s spiced chai: R22

Go to Guide

I'm my friends' go to guide for restaurants, foodmarkets and anything food related. So I thought I should share my go to guides:
  1. Eat In
  2. Eat Out I read Abigail's diary every week
I also have copies of Eat Out and Eat In magazines on my bedside table, along with Colin Cowie's Chic and the Sartorialist.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bookclub at Vovo Telo 44 Stanley

So had Bookclub hosted at Vovo Telo Bakery yesterday. As of May 2010 they have a cafe too! I love their bread, well when I'm actually eating bread which is all the time in winter, so was really excited at the thought of having a coffee & lunch whilst enjoying the smell of bread baking.

Amazing bread, good food, relaxed ambience ala 44 Stanely, but the service left a lot to be desired. I know the cafe has only been open for a month so I'll put the service down to teething problems. The waitresses were not attentive and unprepared, don't ask me if I'm ready to order if you're not prepared to take my order.

The Food is fresh and very tasty:
I had the pesto, chicken breast and pecorino sandwich on a seed roll, which was lovely.
Three had the steak sandwich, they don't ask how you want you steak done but everyone enjoyed theirs. It comes medium/medium well done, if you'd like it medium rare be sure to let them know.
Two had the honey mustard salad, no complaints.

I would highly recommend going there to pick up the fantastic sourdough and ciabatta. If you're going to the cafe take a side of patience with you. I gave them feedback and I think a couple of other patrons did the same, so if they fix up the little things then I'd  recommend the cafe too!

If I'm eating bread, I'm gonna eat the best bread I can find!

Vovo Telo
44 Stanley, Milpark
011 482 4139
Best for: Breakfast and brunch

A pastry lover

I have a love for food especially pastries. I'll be sharing my thoughts of the/my Jo'burg foodie scene.
So here I go!  *eek*