Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jozi Foodie Fix in Taste mag December issue

For those of you who don't usually buy a copy of the Woolworths Taste magazine, I'd recommend you grab the  light blue, muscadel granita cover December issue. Why you ask? Well one reason is that yours truly is featured as the Blog Star. My copy has now taken up permanent residence on our dark couch, for all passers by and tv watchers to peruse.


At home with Eat Out chef of the year, Luke Dale-Roberts 
20 foodie things to eat, taste, touch and buy this month
Mariana Esterhuizen's Ouma's Christmas mince pies
Kobus van der Merwe's new-look crayfish salad
The best food markets around South Africa
Allan Mullins' favourite bubblies
Christmas shortcuts with Woolies' ready-to-serve products
The magical combination of blueberries and gooseberries
Tina-Marie Malherbe's adventure as a waitress in the Greek isle of Paros
Meet Thando Moleketi, one of SA's most popular food bloggers

Happy reading! A big thanks to Taste!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Trying something new: Caramelised onion lamb shank

Never one to admit that the cupboard is too bare to whip up a roast, I used what I had to make a wonderful (if i must say so myself) lamb shank. If ever you thought that onion marmalade has limited uses, you are mistaken.

Lamb shank served with seasonal vegetables
6 Lamb shanks
2 medium sized red onions sliced
2 tbsp onion marmalade
500ml liquid beef stock
1 tbsp chutney
1 tomato peeled and chopped
cloves garlic (to preference)
salt and pepper to taste
Preheat oven to 180 - 200 C depending on oven, roast for at least 2 hours

Placed sliced onions on the bottom of a baking tray. Combine beef stock, onion marmalade, chutney and tomato, pour over the onions. Season lamb shanks with salt pepper. With a knife and strategically poke holes in the shank and stuff with garlic. Place shanks on top of the sliced onion and sauce mixture and roast covered for an hour - turning the shanks once.
Uncover and cook for the second hour, turning to ensure that all sides are browned. Roast until the shank is soft and cooked to you liking.

What I ended up with was a depth of flavour only caramelised onions can give. Perfect sweet savoury combination.

I added mushrooms to the roasting juices and cooked them on the stove top, then added some baby spinach just to wilt. I served the spinach with mushrooms as a vegetable side. The caramelised onion flavour totally cut through and eliminated the irony flavour of the spinach. Wonderful!!!

I have to say it again onion marmalade is a household must!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Perfect morning pick me up: Vanilla Latte

Despite the Johannesburg heat, it's been upward of 30 degrees this entire week, I just needed something sweet with a caffeine kick to lift my spirits this morning.In comes the Vanilla latte!

Nothing peps me up quite like a vanilla latte, I'm not too fussy where I get it from.
I find that Seattle Coffee Co. has an extra kick so their coffee tends to be quite strong for me. My favourite is a cuppa from Vida e Caffe, it's a mild single shot with sweet vanilla syrup and followed with a Hola Majimbos! Obrigado! Love it!
But some days just call for something strong and sweet, so Seattle it was! 
The barista even gave me his heart xoxo