Monday, August 27, 2012

La Vie en Rose undressed salad

La Vie en Rose is a beautiful nook of secret garden happiness in Jozi, Illovo to be precise. A pretty garden with pink accent laid tables including pink salt (I just love pink salt). Purely from the looks of it, it's great for ladies luncheons, baby showers, high teas and such. Definitely, fantastic if you're looking for a quiet low key lunch venue.

I had an impromptu lunch at La Vie en Rose with girl friends and some eye candy (code for a couple of cute male friends), I'll take a pic next time but for now TRUST! At the waitress' recommendation I tried the Tuna Salad, which is a seared tuna salad.

Tuna Salad
The pepper and mustard seed crusted seared tuna is served with olives and orange segments on a bed of rocket, watercress and fennel. Healthy goodness is what I was after. Alas the ingredients were all there but it did not deliver on flavour, so disappointing.
The seared tuna needed a little seasoning, just a pinch of salt and pepper and the salad leaves needed to be dressed. I believe that all salad leaves should be served lightly dressed. Especially if there isn't an accompanying dressing, which there wasn't.

The beauty of the song La Vie en Rose had me expecting cloth napkins, instead of the paper serviettes. I have to say the devil is in the detail.

It is a lovely sanctuary in the hustle bustle that is Jozi and the ambience makes it worth a few more visits to try out the breadth of their menu. But I will not make the mistake of ordering another undressed salad.
A friend recommends their burger or chicken prego.

Listen to Louis Armstrong's La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose
48 Mellville Road

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