Saturday, August 24, 2013

I survived week 2 - GetSmarter on Events Management

As I sit and take a breath after the week I've had I am pleased to announce that I made it through week 2 of the Events Management Course. Although I have to note that I submitted my assignment late on the Tuesday so there was a 10% penalty.

This week in particular I appreciated the convenience of the online course, I could fit reading time and "class time" into my schedule which was usually after 10 pm. No rest for the wicked yo!  I'm travelling next week, so I'm really going to be putting my focus to the test. I'm glad that as long as I have Wifi I can still actively participate.

In week 2 we covered the Event role players; this includes sponsors, buyers (buyers of the event management service), suppliers and intermediaries. I found the number of roles players interesting and the subtle differences between roles players within the same category.

Here's to getting smarter week 3!


  1. This seems like such fun! I can't wait to be able to afford a course or two.

    All the best with week 3!

    x Noms

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