Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Big Bad Wolf at The Wolfpack

I have to say that The Wolfpack makes a mean burger, big bad wolf mean. Having only a few moments in my day to grab lunch and a monster craving for a burger I decided to try The Wolfpack. I called and ordered from my car and told them "Give me your signature burger, grilled to perfection!". I reached The Wolfpack, immediately seated and had the big bad wolf placed in front of me, Oh yeah!

The burger patty was super juicy and tasty, like good quality beef topped with a slice of cheese, garlic aioli, crispy wasabi onion rings, jalapenos, pineapple and pancetta. Everything but the kitchen sink and it's super tasty! You would think that it has too much going on but it turned out to be just enough. The patty to bun ratio is perfect every bite had a piece of patty, that as I have found out is no small thing. I would definitely go back for that bun and those damn good almost curly french fries!

Now for a little burger porn a subsidiary of food porn (lol)

The Wolfpack
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  1. Oohh my word Thando why did i have to see this when i'm this hungry?? I'm sooo havig this burger for dinner tonight!