Monday, May 31, 2010

The self stir Chai Latte

Had to grab groceries after work and decided I deserve some self indulgence, which usually means a vanilla latte but I’m on a “no caffeine” after 2pm during the week regime. So I had the Chai latte instead from the Woolworths Cafe in Killarney Mall.
The froth was thick and smooth, the ‘Got Milk’ on your upper lip kind. The Chai on the other hand was not that smooth, I had to give my cup a couple of good shakes to dissolve the powder.  It was a bit sweet for my taste (and that’s saying a lot coming from me), but it was a good temperature and didn’t have that taste that hot milk gets when the film/skin develops on the top. I figure they all use the same powder it’s just the quantities that vary.
I usually have a chai latte from Tasha’s, it has a masala tea feel that I like. Not so sweet!
Woolworths’ Cafe chai latte: R20
Tasha’s spiced chai: R22


  1. Take note: these words are coming from a Chai lover!

    I absolutely agree! The Killarney Woolies Cafe must be the most inconsistent Chai Latte maker. I was there about 2 weeks back, rushing to make it in time for the cafe buffet along with a very hungry boyfriend. After a satisfying lunch I thought I'd end my meal off with 'the usual'- A tall, skinny Chai. Unlike your bad experience my powder was perfectly dissolved, however in my case, my drink was more like ‘some Chai with milk’ (if you catch my drift). There was far too much milk and far too little powder. It was slightly reminiscent of Horliks- an unpleasant surprise.

    In my opinion:
    - Places to avoid ordering a Chai Latte include: Killarney Woolies and Mugg & Bean
    - Chai spots include: Tasha’s, Doppio Zero, Europa and Woolies on Grant Ave. Norwood.

  2. lol Thanks for this Tiffany, Will be sure to try the Woolies on Grant Ave next.

    Happy Chai-ing!