Friday, October 22, 2010

All we need is a Pot and a bit of Luck

This is Jozi Foodie Fix Eat-In edition. I had a potluck dinner this week with a group of girlfriends. For those who don't know, a potluck dinner is a bring and share a dish dinner. For those who don't cook it tends to be a buy and share a dish. Lucky for us, most of the ladies invited have a reasonably good hand in the kitchen.

Starter was an always impress salad made by me. If I have to say it myself, I will, it was a GOOD salad. Truly it was just a wonderful combination of great ingredients, brightened by a wonderful dressing. The salad had the Woolworths prewashed greens, butter lettuce rocket & basil, cucumber, bella tomatoes. The items that lifted the salad were the balsamic and truffle oil (just a drop of truffle oil) soaked strawberries. And the Taleggio cheese (italian brie) topped by a fig jam with pecans & macadamians (courtesy of the Cheese Gourmet). Finally the dressing which is homemade combination of truffle oil, hot english mustard, balsamic vinegar and honey. A Must Try for Eating In!

Thirusha's Biryani
Next up was a tasty lamb biryani with yellow lentil dal and raita (cucumber, chilli and yoghurt). The spice combination was perfect it wasn't too strong but a slight hint of chilli came through amongst the wonderful masala spices. The dal was tasty enough to eat as is! Wonderful!

Pranesha's vegetarian pasta
 For the vegetarians and my gluttonous self was the vegetable cream pasta. This was packed with butternut, green beans, crunchy baby corn and mange tout. Not at all overpowered by the cream. Just the right amount of richness! And it was just as tasty for lunch the next day.

 Finally we reached dessert.
Ashleigh's pavlova
  A pavlova with drunken strawberries and a fridge cheesecake. You would think there wasn't room for more but there's always space for a sweet something extra. The pavlova was the perfect combination of meringue and a custardy cream filling. Surprisingly it wasn't overly sweet at all. was delicious with the amaretto flambed strawberries. Then the creamy fridge cheesecake, just melt in your mouth wonderful!
Michelle's cheesecake
Thanks to Leigh-Ann for the wonderful wine! No dinner can go without it.
I love potluck dinners, it gives everyone a chance to try out a new recipe in a safe environment. It's cost effective and you know that there are quality ingredients and it's made or bought with love. Next time we will however only have three items because it was a wonderful but heavy beginning of the week dinner.

So please next time you're planning a dinner out consider eating in! Eat In is a great guide to finding the best produce in your area.


  1. what a wonderful dinner...why did you not invite me?

  2. forgot to mention but the presentation of all the courses is great. And the desert looks that it is to "die for..."