Friday, October 22, 2010

Tasting the Fresh Earth after Jozi's first October rains

I agreed to have lunch, a saturday two weeks ago, with friends at Fresh Earth, one is moving towards vegetarianism and the other was fasting. Off to vegetarian Fresh Earth we went. It is very relaxed and rustic, almost a dorp (small town) feel.

So you know when you were young and the soil smelt so delicious after it rained that you just had to tastes it, well I did at least. The first handful was always great with the mineral rich taste, just like it smelt. The second handful however was not such a good idea, well Fresh earth turned out to be the second handful.
For a fully vegetarian place I fet sometimes the key ingredients were masked in far too many sauces. I am someone that enjoys the natural taste of vegetable with little enhancers. Like tossing steamed brussel sprouts in a light garlic butter, not smothering it in a non descript but off putting dressing that covered the green beans on that day.
I do admit that the jam on the beetroot was wonderful along with the vegan prawn curry, however the same can not be said for the other items on the buffet table. The falafel balls were dry but that's probably due to all the fresh air the buffet table got. I also found out tofu isn't for me, but will give smoked tofu a try for completeness sake before I write off a food item totally.
There were 4 of us and only one person truly enjoyed her meal which was the falafel burger. So if ever you get to Fresh Earth just order the falafel burger. The best item on the menu are their fresh juices ( try the apple pineapple and ginger), but note ask for ice because they don't chill their fruit or vegetables. And I expect chilled fruit and vegetables or at least ice without having to ask for it.

Now onto the service, which lacked the enthusiasm and vooma that the occassional piece of meat gives.

But maybe this is really what vegetarians want after all that's all they eat. So what's a vegetable between sauces?!

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  1. no "fresh earth" for me ...even after the first rains!