Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking for Saturday salvation at Vovo Telo

Now I must admit that although they have been acquired by Brandhouse and are off to franchising glory, Vovo Telo still seems to be struggling to make that switch from PE mom and pop to Jhb eatery able to handle the Jozi crowds or well the 44 Stanley crowds.

I must admit it is that brother sister mom and pop charm that draws us to it but I would like some fast efficient service to go with it, without having to see the effects of being overwhelmed.

So a few words of advice: do not go to Vovo Telo absolutely starving on a Saturday at around brunch, so between 10:00 and 12:00, take a spot of patience especially if you’re a big group and a pregnant woman (yes we had a hungry and thirsty preggers friend with us) as it is very popular and for good reason.
Once seated I have to admit that the food comes relatively quickly, although sometimes it may be directed to another table before reaching your own. Yes someone did breath over my sandwiche before I did, but she happened to have ordered the same sandwiche on that specific occasion.

Now back to the eating at hand!
You must try the pickering (if you’re a meat and pork eater)! But ask them to swap out the ham for bacon and make sure to let them know how you liked your egg poached, for me that’s soft, as the waiter did not ask.

The pickering is a poached egg on tomato, bacon and camembert with basil served on the best bread in Jozi! Yes I have said it before and I will say it again. If you must eat bread eat the best bread you can find and that’s Vovo Telo bread! Try their baguette and sourdough

Nothing beats a burst yolk over salty bacon and deep smoky camembert, then adding the tomato and basil combination is a true triumph. Sopping up the yolk with the bread crust made my wait to be seated almost bearable.

Hopefully franchising will make Vovo Telo more accessible and the waitstaff more efficient without losing the brother sisterly mom and pop PE vibe. For me Vovo Telo in 44 Stanley will always be my first port of call, for those days when only the Pickering can be a hangover helper or for those early mornings when I want a quickie cappuccino and watch dough rise (I love watching dough rise). I fear I’ve given away the depth of my love for great bread.

For all my crit about the speed of their service on a busy day they still have me coming back for more. Perhaps it’s the price I’ll pay for great bread.

Now I'm off to tell my friends who live by the mantra "No Chains No Malls" that they better get to Vovo Telo quickly before they lose out due to self imposed madness *yes I said it*

Vovo Telo
44 Stanley, Milpark
011 482 4139
Best for: Breakfast and brunch

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