Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jozi Foodie Fixing in Cape Town

I was down in Cape Town over New Year's Eve and part of last week for one of my besties' wedding celebration. And true to form I had to put in some foodie time, although honestly not as much as I would have liked.

So all I have to offer is a little Beluga the restaurant not the caviar, a touch of decadence that is La Colombe and a splash of dark asian that is Haiku.

Spent the Sunday 2nd January afternoon at Beluga, for their half price sushi and cocktails. It was a slightly chilly day so I decided to have a full price starter, the Duck Liver Creme Brulee.
The Duck Liver Creme Brulee is served with apple preserve/ chutney and bread wafers. And it's definitely a creme brulee caramel topped and all. Our waiter recommended that you mix the preserve in with the duck liver brulee.

The duck liver 'pate' was the smoothest I've tasted and was wonderfully rich! Honestly i didn't need the bread wafers I could and did simply eat it as is! For those who don't eat "organs" as one of my friend's call it you are seriously missing out. The apple preserve added a great sweetness and texture to it. For me this dish gets two thumbs up! A must try at Beluga.

Now on to the half price sushi and cocktails. We opted for the Molito, litre of Mojito and the blood orange and coconut mojito, my FAVE! It has the regular mojito tartness with extra citrus touch of blood oranges and slight sweetness of coconut syrup, Sublime!
Next was the sushi we had a platinum platter which is the chef's selection and then the green plate. The green plate has Salmon roses, tuna sashimi, Seared Tuna, Salmon and Tuna sashimi, rainbow rolls, California rolls.
The sushi was fresh and the test was their wonderful salmon sashimi, along with the seven spice seared tuna sashimi *so flavourful* with just the right amount of subtle heat. Even the sushi newbie among us enjoyed the seared tuna sashimi.

The chef served up some favourites on the platinum platter with rainbow rolls and nigiri, along with something new which was the tempura prawn california and another roll that was salmon outside rice inside topped with a salmon seven spice mayonaisse.
The only debate our table had about the sushi was normal soya or low sodium soya.

This was a great way to spend a Sunday, and it was kinda on the cheap being half price!

La Colombe and Haiku will follow shortly but what I can tell you is that La Colombe alone is worth the wait. Happy New Year's eating all!

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