Friday, October 28, 2011

Something BitterSweet at Wolves

I wasn't much, actually I wasn't a beer drinker at all before my Eurotrip earlier this year. But when in Copenhagen, do like the Danish and have a Tuborg. I now find I have acquired a taste for a beer that is bitter, slightly strong but still light.

I do enjoy the Brewers&Union and the StephWeiss (yellow label) beers. Though the Weiss is very light so definitely a girly beer. Because I'm all about balance it definitely needs something sweet to go with it, like a slice of cake. A moist slice of rich, deep, dark, chocolate cake with ganache icing to be exact!

Lucky for me Wolves (on Corlett) was more than happy to oblige. 
I love the Wolves! It has a great hipster, kinda kitsch but not, feel. With their mismatch cups, saucers and side plates. During the day bring along your laptop and do a couple of hours work over a good coffee or beer, and a great slice of cake.

 I'd recommend the chocolate cake, the chocolate vanilla layer cake with marshmallow icing and the hummingbird, which is a great surprise, of banana pineapple walnut cake with cream cheese icing.

Wolves does get busy on Thursday and Friday nights, when they stay open late, as the hipsters come out to listen to live music.

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