Monday, April 23, 2012

Looking forward to Woolworths Nicolway food market opening

This week I'm excited to see what has been punted as the biggest Woolworths food market to open to date. Woolworths Nicolway food market is opening at Nicolway centre in Bryanston. Although I only got the invitation this afternoon for an opening Thursday morning, I am excited nonetheless. Another draw card is that the opening will feature the current Masterchef SA contestants in action.
As a Woolworths frequenter I am interested to see what Nicolway comes up with especially given the stiff competition down the road at the Pick 'n Pay concept store on Nicol. In line with the Pick 'n Pay on Nicol the Woolworths Nicolway food market is set to be open 08:00 - 20:00 daily.

William Nicol is fast becoming a foodie/ Eat In/ late evening grocery store hub or should I say corridor. Here's to expecting more from Woolworths Nicolway!

Woolworths press release:

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