Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tashas' coujons

Had an impromptu dinner with a couple of my girlfriends last night, due to its central location, quality of service and menu variety we ended up at Tashas Melrose Arch. Have I told you that Tashas is my favourite all day eatery? I can order with my eyes closed, and sometimes they surprise me with new additions to the menu.
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Last night I opted for something fried, the panko coujons with chips and lemon mayo. The coujons were crispy on the outside with soft perfectly cooked hake on the inside. The lemon mayo was balanced being creamy yet not overly rich. The chips are lovely just golden French fries, almost McDonald’s standard but alas they are not pre-salted.

Overall Tashas food is good, and it remains my favourite all day eatery because the high quality is standard across 90% of the ones I've frequented. The coujons were a larger portion than I expected, it also happened that two of us had ordered it. Next time we'll share and order an extra side of fries and lemon mayo. Oh did I forget to mention I took a slice of Carrot Cake as a take away.

Happy impromptu eating!


  1. Lovely blog! I love Tasha's too..Bar One cheesecake, amen!

    1. Thank you! Amen to the bar one cheesecake!