Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eating New York - Cronuts at Dominique Ansel Bakery

As I mentioned here I was in New York for two weeks, I'm back on the Jozi Cool as of  this past Sunday. Of course after the craze and my craving (see here), I couldn't be in New York and stop in at Dominique's for the real deal, he patented the name CRONUT and for a quick pose of course!

Dominique and I
After a full week and a half in New York, promising to be in SoHo (South of Houston said HOUSE TON) by 6 am, finally Thithi (of teeteeiswithme) and I made it to SoHo. An hour and a half waiting on line, we finally made it to the counter to order.  I ordered my allocated two per customer cronuts along with ten made to order madeleines and the magic souffle. Welcome to pastry heaven and sugar rush central, oh yeah we ordered coffee to go with it all too.

Madeleines and the magic souffle
This month (September 2013) is the Fig Mascarpone Cronut month. The Cronut is layers of laminated dough (almost flaky croissant like pastry) proofed, shaped, fried and rolled in sugar like a donut with a sublime filling. I'm am using the word sublime objectively. The fig mascarpone filling is a texture combination of a cream, meets a creme anglaise that holds ever so well in the cronut.

The September mascarpone with a fig preserve swirl filling, is light, creamy & perfectly sweet. At first bite you get the slightly crisp exterior, a glazed sugary lip then the layers of flaky pastry and finally a creamy balanced not overly sweet mascarpone cream and a fig preserve kick. It's truly to adults what a finger in a jam donut is to kids.

Merci  beaucoup Dominique!

What is the magic souffle you ask? I'm dedicating a whole post to Dominique's latest, watch this space.

Photography by Thithi Nteta of teeteeiswithme

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