Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The toughest weeks so far - Get Smarter Events Management

As you all know I have been doing an Events Management course through UCT Get Smarter, I have completed weeks 1 through 7 (see posts here). I can't believe the weeks have flown by so quickly, only 3 left go before certificate time!

I have to say that weeks 5 and 6 have been the toughest weeks so far from a prioritising perspective. The content has so far been most relevant and relatable to my role in THE WKND SOCIAL module 5 Event operations and logistics and module 6 Event design and decor.

I was in New York for week 5, working while there (with a six hour time difference), packing up our NY apartment and trying to have a bit of vacation time. Once again the convenience of the online course made it simple to get my course work and submit my assignments for the two weeks I was in New York.

I had to however ask for an extension, which of course you have to motivate for, but the team at Get Smarter do understand the exceptional circumstances and pressures placed on career driven individuals like myself who are slashers (Zomato SA AVP / Blogger / Food writer). While I made every effort to schedule appropriately I did need a couple of extra hours in the week I got back from New York to submit my assignment 6.

Now that I'm back into the swing of things, you can find me at my desk dedicating an hour a day to Events Management. Next to the convenience, is the Get Smarter's team approach to online adult education and the understanding that sometimes no matter how much planning we do LIFE gets in the way.

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