Saturday, August 7, 2010

At Home Eating

Since I didn't Foodie Fix anywhere this week, I thought I should share my at home eating with you.
So here's my Eating In:

Chicken Pies and Savoury Tomato, Camembert and Basil Pesto tart from The Tart.

I picked these savoury snacks up from The Tart's Market Day, which is every friday from 10am. The chicken pies have a wonderfully, light, flaky pastry with a thick chicken, spring onion filling with a touch of cheddar cheese, I think?! The pie doesn't have much sauce but I find the flavours very satisfying. I reheated my pie in the oven but my brother heated his in the microwave and said it was fantastic.
Tomato, Camembert and Basil Pesto savoury tart was fantastic as always. This is by far the best tart in Jo'burg and I'm comparing it to Made  Marian, Moemas and The Patissserie's savoury tarts/ quiches. You must love cambembert, but the tomatoes are wonderfully sweet coated with splashes of balsamic vinegar and lovely basil pesto. Sublime! A Foodie Fix Must Try

Homemade Quickie Supper of Mozambiquan Prawns and Chips
The mozambiquan queen prawns are, from the Portuguese Fisheries in Troyeville, marinated in Woolies mozambiquan peri peri marinade with a touch of crushed garlic and a few squeezes of lemon. We've been buying fish from them for years and you're guaranteed the freshest seafood, it probably helps that my mother has developed a bit of a "friendship" with Hannibal head fisherman manager I guess.
The chips are woolies frozen chips straight cut and french fries, no i will not be peeling slicing and drying potatoes.

You'll find the details for The Tart and Portuguese Fisheries in the Eat-In magazine or website
Yes I know I need to get a food photographer but for now you'll have to deal with starfish savoury tarts and prawns eyeballing you lol.

Happy Eating In!

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