Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ladies who Lunch, Lunch at The Patisserie

Today I ended up at the Patisserie, in Illovo, around lunch time. It was a function of having time on my hands being midway between Rosebank and Melrose and craving a great fishcake. This is definitely a ladies lunching spot with the pink and white interior and checkered black and white floor, it makes me feel like I'm Alice in my cake laden Wonderland sitting down for tea.
Like its name the Patisserie is very French, well Leanne says so at least, I have not had the opportunity to go to France yet. But it's on my bucket list, being the Pastry Lover I am. Anyway back to the Patisserie.

We both ordered the Salmon fishcake which comes with a green salad. The fishcake was moreish, and looks enormous, to me at least, but I cleaned my plate. They have a wonderful, dare I say it, fish taste with a flavour that I couldn't at first put my finger on. It turned out to be tomato sauce, which is what makes the fishcakes orange as well.

You'll find  a mix of salmon, mostly salmon, and I think hake with little bits of potato in your fish cake which makes for great texture. Not to worry even with the potato bits the fishcake is still light and after polishing it off I don't feel full at all, just satisfied! The fishcake comes with a great sauce, an aioli with lots of parsley.
The salad is a mixture of leaves and herbs, mostly rocket, which compliments the rich salmon very well.
Overall I thought it was a great dish until the bill/cheque came and at R95, I'm not sure. If I'm paying R95, I would appreciate if the fishcake didn't have such a prominent Tomato Sauce flavour. But if you're looking for a good fishcake The Patisserie is a good place to start. But get to lunch early because they are a hit, and if you get in too late you'll find yourself wanting.

One thing I won't fault the Patisserie for no matter what the price tag are their cakes especially their carrot cake and the red velvet cupcakes both have a cream cheese frosting, which are the best I've had!

The Patisserie is in the Post Office Centre Illovo, behind Thrupps, (011) 268 0044.
Happy Lunching!

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