Monday, August 16, 2010

Where in the world is Jozi Foodie Fix? LA? NY?

Well you would think that the name says it all but from next week JoziFoodie Fix will be foodspotting in LA and after that in NY.

Foodspotting is about finding dishes and not just restaurants! I came across foodspotting through Soraya Darabi who I follow on twitter.

So I will be introducing you to some of my NY favourites and some new spots including LA, because I have never been before.

My NY favourites:
  • The waffletruck, best best belgium wafels especially if you add dinges like strawberries and cream *my mouth waters just thinking about it*
  • Dunkin' Donuts, don't judge me, but I have a weakness for the boston creme, custard centred chocolate topped doughnut
  • The Chelsea Market
  • Abraco in the East Village for a coffee and olive shortbread, it's a sweet salty combination that pops in your mouth and blows your mind. I kid you not!
  • Pinkberry, best frozen yoghurt spot in the world especially since South Africa's own Marcel's is no more in Jozi.
If you have must try places in NY or LA, especially LA please let me know. Either comment or mail me on

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