Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brunch on the Burnside

A colleague mentioned that she had found her favourite breakfast/brunch spot in Jozi. So being the self proclaimed jozi foodie queen, I asked her what the name of the restaurant is? Expecting to hear one of my favourites. To my surprise she said Burnside's Cafe, which I had not heard of until then.
Burnside's Cafe is in Craighall but not the Craighall you think of, it's on the opposite side of Jan Smuts in an office park area. It's a lovely venue with a garden, a pond and a willow tree. On the Heritage Day public holiday Friday, the cafe is filled with couples, ladies that brunch and families. With the garden it is a great venue for kids, especially the adventurous kind that enjoy a peep in the pond.

The tables are set with white linen and bowled flower centrepieces. Tables are set on the covered patio and in the dining room that features a couch area that's chic Out of Africa themed. Initially, there is no music just the hustle and bustle of the kitchen and restaurant chatter.We are seated on the patio, which is wonderful on a warm Summer morning.
To start I have their orange juice, and a caffe latte (café au lait), which has the ‘got milk’ on your lip kind of foam. For eats I have the crumpets with strawberries, mascarpone and crispy bacon with syrup and berry jam. I love this combination soft, fluffy, salty, crispy, with sweet and slightly tart. The balance of flavour is great especially as the first meal of the day.
One word of advice don’t get there absolutely starving, as I did, because we did find it was a bit of a wait for the food. Although I would say it is worth the wait.

It is slightly pricey for three breakfasts, three juices, caffe latte and a side of chips it's R293. So it’s not my everyday breakfast spot but when I’m CSO or CEO!
Dreaming of everyday Burnside's Café breakies!

Article on Burnside Cafe


  1. I so wanna try this! Any recs on the menu?

  2. Mmmh...think I should try when I am back!