Friday, December 24, 2010

It's all Greek in Rosebank's Kuzina

Had dinner with my bookclub at Kuzina, a new Greek spot that opened in the Firs Rosebank not too long ago. I have been to Greece and feel that I do have a penchant for life on an island surrounded by blue waters coupled with a great dose of sun. From that perspective the blues, whites and beige in Kuzina was absolutely welcoming.

I started with pita bread and dip platter, no it is not gratis which is what I was asked by one of the girls who arrived late. Soft pita bread topped with hummus and creamy yet ever so slightly tart tzatziki. Then also the spicy feta with chilli dip was a great suprise that was offset by the mild melitzano salata that has aurbergine and peppers.

So far I'm feeling very very Greek. Then I do choose to diverge and have a not so greek Pimms cup thast comes in a wonderful glass, nothing makes me feel more on holiday than Pimms with lemonade, ginger ale and cucumber of course.

Next up was the mains and I decide to go for two sets of meze, the octopus and prawns saganaki. Now the octopus is grilled and served with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and origanum. The olive oil is just lovely you can taste that it's top good quality olive oil, the octopus is crispy and chewy which I was not expecting. At this point I start to wonder whether I made a bad menu choice or whether I'm not that into Greek after all.

The prawns saganaki  is prawns and mussels in a tomato sauce topped with feta and touch of garlic. Anyone who knows me knows a touch of garlic is not enough, so I found the mild flavours of the dish a bit bland, I mean it was tasty but I like tasty and punchy.

The watermelon salad with mint and feta was wonderfully refreshing with it's very own dollop of olive oil, I think I do do Greek food after all!

I ended my meal with Greek Coffee Glikos (means sweet) of course. Just the kick I needed before the rest of my night began. That cup of coffee with the bit of sediment settled at the bottom really took me back to Greece, the only thing that would've been more successful at that is Uzzo OPA!

Here's the question; is the love of Hummus, Tzatziki and Taramo Salata enough?

But all this wondering was offset by my highlight of the night seeing Tasha, yes Tasha's Tasha, enjoying a dinner with her girlfriends there. So I will go back just to work on my Greek sensibilities and perhaps do a bit of people spotting.

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