Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fry up

I ordered a fry up off of the Tashas Athol Square signature menu and it got me thinking on what my perfect fry up would look like.

I have to note that I am not a general sausage fan because most places don't serve pork bangers which are my fave followed closely by boerewors. So my fry up is sans sausage unless it's a banger. Also I prefer to eat bake beans at home warmed up with a little masala. I know the English would not approve of a Fry Up without some beans, but hey this is SA (lol - those who know me get that's sooo funny)

So what's left you ask?
  1. Eggs, prepared to preference this morning it was all about a good scramble. Which at Tashas turned out to be a coddle, luckily I'm partial to a good coddle
  2. Crispy Bacon, need I say more. Can I get a side of swine with that?!
  3. Black mushrooms, and I have to say this is a must not a lack lustre button a full bodied black mushroom.
  4. Tomatoes, either sauteed or roasted
  5. Toast - I'm all white all day with a smidge of butter when it comes to toast in a fry up
  6. Halloumi - A side of grilled halloumi just adds that extra salt kick which I Love
That is exactly what I got at Tashas with added peppery rocket just to cut the fry. Usually the fry up is served with a fried egg but that was not for me this am. The tomatoes are roasted and ever so slightly blackened which is great visually.

The cherry on the top was the way it was served in a frying pan - just goes to show this is not your mother's all day eatery this is ever evolving Tashas.

Tashas Atholl Square
Atholl square shopping centre, corner Katherine str & Wierda rd east
011 884 0365
Best for:  My favourite all day eatery! Best for all day eating.

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