Wednesday, March 27, 2013

If you're in Linden: Cheese Gourmet

I'd like to say if you're in Linden and hankering after a piece of cheese, but really if you're in Johannesburg and looking for a large selection of local (South African) cheese with a few imports thrown in then Cheese Gourmet is the place.

Cheese Gourmet is owned and run by Brian and Jo Dick, those who visit the Irene market must know Brian, he's been there for 22 years. The store is stocked with local and imports, but they do strive to support local and smaller farms, such as Klein River cheese. Along with a selection imported cheeses including Tallegio and Stilton.

Cheese is not the only thing you'll find Cheese Groumet also offers a selection of charcuterie, pork pies and frozen homemade meals. Along with cheese condiments like konfyt, honey and of course teas & coffees.

I'm a cheese lover and had to stop myself from breaking the bank. I am going back tomorrow though for hotcross buns and to pick up some of the Eat Out award winning fare. The dairy (cheese) winner Pepe Charlot crotin and the dairy (other) winner Gourmet Greek greek yoghurt.

Cheese Gourmet
71 7th St Linden
Best for: Need I say it, local and imported cheese. They stock Buffalo Ridge Mozzarella and Eat out produce award winners Pepe Chalot and Gourmet Greek
Going back for: Goat's milk ice cream and to have a cuppa at the Cheese Cafe

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