Monday, March 4, 2013

If you're in Linden: The Whippet

This is the first of my If You're in the Neighbourhood series. This is the beginning of a series of posts that will cover the length and breadth of a specific neighbourhood, foodie find by foodie find.

I thought it an absolute must to start with The Whippet. As it embodies the essence of "supporting local", The Whippet sources from the local butcher and bakers.  It's also shining a spotlight on the peach history of its neighbourhood Linden and reviving the neighbourhood coffee shop culture.  Did you know that Linden was once a great peach exporter? I sure didn't.

How may times can I say neighbourhood?! ALOT!

I have spent two afternoons at The Whippet, at first glance I was taken by the clean lines whites and dark greys against wood tables and tops. Along with the quirky touches.

The staff are super knowledgeable about the history of the neighbourhood, the sources of the ingredients and their sustainability, along with the dishes themselves. Also they are diligent about getting introductions and names of patrons, made me feel like regular on my first time. This is warm service!

The coffee is Malawian and awesome! I recommend a flat white, which is my fave (future bf take note)

To eat we ordered the Whippet burger and the chicken salad. The Whippet burger has a mozarrella cheese centre, great surprise and super tasty. Alas the pic could not do it justice.
Although tasty the chicken salad should be renamed, baby spinach salad with chicken croutons. Please sir may I have some more chicken. The green olives are spectacular, I must remember to ask where they source them from.

I left with a takeaway lemon curd mini cake, a jar of peaches celebrating Linden's peach export heritage and lemon cordial.

The Whippet
Corner of 7th Street and 4th Avenue, Linden, Randburg
011 782 7310
Best for: Cup of coffee on the go, a dessert pick me up milk tart & the Whippet burger
Going back for: The Whippet signature breakie, to try the poached & tempura battered egg
Not sold on: The chicken salad, it's mostly greens with chicken breast croutons


  1. Looks amazing! This is the second post I've come across about the place. Definitely checkin it out.

    P.S love your blog. :)