Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two mouthfuls at the 2013 Winter Sculpture Fair

Having caught wind of The Winter Sculpture Fair, that took place this past weekend, I just had to go and taste Franschoek's finest. Presented by MasterCard, it's a day of contemporary art combined with the best food and wine in the country.

Sunday was a comedy of errors, long story short we, TumiMohale (of TumiMohaleHere) and I got horribly lost. We subsequently came to the conclusion that we shouldn't enter The Amazing Race together.

The Nirox Foundation is in the cradle of humankind and is a beautiful forest gardens. The gardens are sprinkled with a few sculptures and installations, I felt a bit like a sophisticated gypsy Alice heading to the tea party. If the mad hatter were in fact an patron of the arts.

Having arrived at lunch time on Sunday, we were just in time to eat or so we thought. Unfortunately by 14:00 basically all the stalls were sold out of food. Serves me right for choosing African time but I was seriously disappointed, hungry and irritable. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to fully appreciate the showcase because I spent my time waiting in long queues for a bite to eat.

After standing in numerous queues and being told "we're sold out" three people from the front I had given up hope. Luckily Vie (of VieMyself&I) is resourceful and charming so we bought a tub of Rickety Bridge smoked snoek pate and biscotti. It was smokey, salty and ever so slightly sweet snoek pate. I admit I was hungry but it was super tasty so of course I ditched the biscotti and ate spoonfuls of pate.

Just when we thought everything was sold and we wouldn't taste a single hot dish. Suddenly a line appeared and a chef was serving beef tongue, tongue is one of my favourites in case you didn't know. The tongue was perfect pre boiled and then pan fried to order served with caramelised onions, balsamic crema and pickled betroot. It had the best parts of a seven colours lunch; tongue and pickled beetroot.

The best dish of the day
Next year I plan to get there at opening time to secure prime seating and try every single dish on offer. 

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