Thursday, June 13, 2013

Introducing the new Jozi Foodie Fix teamie Nishal

Jozi Foodie Fix has a new foodie joining the fold, Nishal Rattan a man of simple tastes easily satisfied with the best!

To his more orthodox contemporaries he is seen as as a semi-madman but then genius was always misunderstood. He loves to travel and to explore cultures and cuisines. He will probably say yes to anything exciting, exotic or beautiful. A fan of the urban jungle he would not say no to a weekend away in the bush but would be just as at home on a tropical beach with palm trees, waving to a waiter for his next G&T.

He is a man of the world though far from flawless Nishal is not without virtue, among them you will discover a rigorous intelligence, playful charm and a rather dangerous sensuality. The gift of tact, sensitivity and razor wit are given to very few and he is among the blessed. He is an accountant, historian, chef, critic, cunning linguist, novelist, and ceramic potter.

But to see him is to love him and love him most do. A warm welcome to Nishal, who will be guest blogging over the next couple of months.

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