Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eating Amsterdam - Le Pain Quotidien

After spending a wonderful morning riding the trams, yes just watching the city go by hopping on and hopping off. Then a familiar cafe caught my eye Le Pain Quotidien, so off the tram I hopped in De Pijp. I got to know of the Le Pain Quotidien brand when in New York, so it was particularly funny that I was flanked by two tables that had American accents. It was filled with quite a few foreigners, in fact I made a friend a French guy who had just settled in Amsterdam after a decade in Australia. Meetings like these can only happen at the communal table that is Le Pain Quotidien De Pijp.

The menu is more or less the same as the New York menu, with a few specials. I started with my Le Pain usual the latte in their big cups - I love those cups.

 I opted for a special to eat, the tomato scrambled eggs on rye topped with Avo and served with a tomato relish. Now let's talk about the tomato relish, it's thick, savoury with a sweet undertone - Wonderful! I washed it down with a tart homemade raspberry lemonade. 

Hi I'm Thando I drank an all American lemonade in Amsterdam.

Le Pain Quotidien
020-675 05 06
De Pijp, Cornelius Troostplein 4hs
Best for: The latte (in that big cup), the tartiest homemade raspberry lemonade
Not sold on: The service is super relaxed, not a Jozi girl's cup of lait for sure!

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