Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello Amsterdam & Istanbul

Yes I have been a bit quiet, with good reason. I decided to treat myself to a trip to Amsterdam and Istanbul in celebration of my thirtieth on the 13th of July.

I started solo in the beautiful city that is Amsterdam in the summer. It's all canals, bicycles, narrow cobbled streets and great buildings.

Buildings in Amsterdam
I then met up with my bestie in Istanbul. Istanbul is rich in history, Constantine deemed it the new capital of the Roman empire, it's littered with beautiful mosques, and historical sites with the Bosphorus running through it.

View of the Blue Mosque from the hotel terrace
This is the first post of the series on my travels, can't wait to share them with you especially the amazing food.



  1. Happy Belated birthday and thanks for this blog, it serves something beautiful in me, and while no one really knows about my deeper passion for foodie-ness, i kinda like it that way... the blog will be my little hide out :-)

    1. Thanks Timothy. I'm going to rope you into doing a little bit on your cooking class experience. No need to hide out! lol

  2. Lovely lovely lovely..... cannot wait to you all about it..... # ;)