Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eating Amsterdam - Salad at Edel

My first lunch in Amsterdam was at Edel, a great spot along the canal with a floating deck. I was starving and it was a spot recommended by my host Flavia that was within walking distance of the apartment. I spent my afternoon sitting out in the sun, watching boats go by and sipping on Old Jamaican ginger beer.

I ordered the chef's salad which was a fresh salad of parma ham, strawberries set on a bed of sliced radish, rocket and mixed greens with a balsamic dressing and slices of the best sourdough loaf. I really enjoyed my fresh R100 (yeah the exchange rate killed me) salad especially the sweet salty parma ham strawberry combination. The Jamaican ginger beer tastes better than stoney, yeah I said it!

Best for: A casual lunch laying out in the sun and boat watching along the canal

When in A'dam have a R100 salad, lol!

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