Monday, June 7, 2010

Could this be the best slice in Jo'burg? Black on White Beef Boy

Had dinner at Piza e Vino Melrose Arch tonight. They offer thin based pizzas with a crispy buttery crust and a range of tasty toppings.
We ordered four:
1.Melrose Arch – mozzarella, chicken, avo, rosa tomatoes, feta, coriander
2.Beef Boy – mozzarella, slices of rump steak with sweet caramelised onions and rocket. A must for meat lovers!

3.Black on White – mozzarella, garlic-black mushrooms, olives & basil. Must love garlic, which I do!
4.Americano – mozzarella, pepperoni, jalapeno, feta. The pepperoni was a bit bland and couldn’t stand up to the spicy jalapeno.
I did notice that the mozzarella on the pizzas doesn’t overpower the other flavours. So it’s not a super cheesy pizza but I didn’t miss it! The mojitos are good too, but ask them to charge it with appletiser instead of soda

I do have a new combo to suggest black on white beef boy. Topping the beef boy with the mushrooms and olives from the black on white. That was my best slice of the night!

It's not cheap pizza so choose your flavours wisely:-)


  1. Melrose Arch looks delicious. And the black on white sounds good. I would love to go to this one when we are in the city. Pictures make a difference.

    Also think that it is good that you don't have people in the pictures since it would detract from the food. Nice.

  2. Good job T! I'll definitely try the place out:)