Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Leanne's marrow bone and beans soup

So I wasn't planning on blogging about this, as punishment for not taking pictures, but after Leanne commented on the Soups for All Seasons about her salty soup from the Attic I changed my mind.

Leanne & I celebrated a friend's bday with dinner at the Attic Parkhurst last Thursday.

I'll start with Leanne's order the Osso Buco soup with cannellini beans, now I didn't say anything at the time but in hindsight I should have. Osso Buco for those who don't know is a marrow bone. I'm not Italian so I grew up eating marrow bone soup most winters, if my gran added beans then it was beans and bones soup.

So as you can tell I'm not one who's going to pay for beans and bones soup. I'd rather go to the butchery ask for some bones (osso buco usually the shin or a veal shank) and put on a pot of soup at home. We would expect that the Attic would make a sublime beans and bones soup, but not on this night. As you may have read Leanne said it was very salty and to be honest from where I was sitting it looked more like a bean stew than a soup.

I on the other hand had the French guinea fowl risotto with wild mushrooms & truffle oil. The risotto was al dente, creamy white wine with touches of mushroom and shreds of fowl, the risotto was sublime. The risotto was plated topped with slices of dry guinea fowl breast. Honestly, the guinea fowl was not worth its carbon footprint!
And I would advise that they change the description on the menu or change it all together to confit of guinea fowl risotto with wild mushrooms & truffle oil. Just a suggestion 

I have been to the Attic before and have only had good things to say. Don't say you haven't been warned save the bones & beans for home.

http://www.dining-out.co.za/member_details-MemberID-3127.html The menu on this site is not up to date.
http://www.eatout.co.za/restaurants/restaurant_overview.asp?RestaurantID=5293 this has a few reviews

The Attic closed it's doors in 2012!

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  1. Yeah, the only thing I actually enjoy at the Attic are the drinks! The wine that night was great as well as the Tanquary Mojito's :)