Monday, June 7, 2010

Season for Soups: The Tart's Butternut, chilli &Feta

I was lucky enough to have butternut, chilli & feta soup from the Tart for lunch today. My brother picked up the soup from the Tart’s Market Day on Friday.
Nadine (one of the Tart's owners) recommended that milk should be used as a thinner. I chose the healthy lower calorie alternative and used hot water. It is a hearty flavourful, textured or should I say slightly chunky soup, so you’ll need to whip out your blender if you like it very smooth. I just used the back of my spoon to mash the chunks of butternut I found. This is great at home, rustic eating but if I were at a restaurant I’d want my soup smooth strained through muslin cloth!
The chilli complemented the sweetness of the butternut and the flecks of salty feta were a great surprise for the taste buds. I added half a cup of hot water to my serving and it still kept the flavour integrity. I’m sure the milk alternative would make it very rich.
This is a great soup and I would recommend either ordering it from the Tart or picking some up from their Market Day which is every Friday. But be warned either get there early (as close to 10 am as possible) or call and ask them to keep it on hold because they get sold out fast. The Market Day offering does change each week and I know they have another variation of the soup, which is the Butternut, chilli and coconut soup.
The soup is packaged in 1litre containers, that is four servings per tub R60
011 646 4781
Yes I know I need to start including pictures, everyone at the lunch table commented about how lovely the soup looked.

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  1. Indeed, it was certainly a flavourful dish that was very interesting in texture. I had a tiny problem with it being so thick in its original state though.

    1) It could not be a starter or an ender to a meal. A healthy helping was a meal in itself, which leads me to my second problem...

    2) I couldn't have any bread with it, because the dish would become too heavy to polish off.

    Over and above that I can not take away from the originality of the recipe. I take my hat off to the Chef!