Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vovo Telo 44 Stanley can the PE kids make it in Jozi?

It's 08:30 on Saturday morning and I'm at Vovo Telo bakery to see if anything had changed since our last encounter. You'll be pleased to hear they have new wait staff who are friendlier and more attentive with personalities that are very 44 Stanley. All the staff are clad in Vovo telo black tshirts or hoodies which gives it a more professional and less PE brother sister store trying to make it in big bad Jozi.

The vibe is fantastic much to the credit of the banter between the owner/managers and the staff. It has a wonderful family feel and us mere mortals are greeted as warmly as the regulars who come in shortly after me. Their menu is put up on a black board and the pastries and the bread are on display as you walk in.
A great start to my day!

I'm sitting next to a heater with a wonderful cappuccino in hand and an almond croissant. I do like my cappuccino mild so it was perfect but for those who prefer a strong cappuccino be sure to tell them to give you a double espresso.
The croissant is a bit blackened at the bottom but still sweet and enjoyable. It's not Parisian perfect but it'll do as a sweet morning pick me up. A great start to the morning!  
I still say their bread is by far their best product!Watch it rise!
Let's go out and give Vovo Telo a warm jozi welcome, because if you're eating bread, eat the best bread you can find and right now that's Vovo Telo bread!

I leave here with the lingering smell of baking bread.
Cappuccino+almond croissant+large ciabatta to go = R45

Vovo Telo
44 Stanley, Milpark
011 482 4139
Best for: Breakfast and brunch

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