Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Last Supper at DW Eleven-13

On the night before I left for my trip to LA and NY, I had a work related dinner at DW Eleven-13. It is situated in the Dunkeld centre round the back (behind Fournos). The restaurant has pale green walls, clean, modern and minimalistic which gets me right into the fine dining mood.

For starter I ordered the seared irish scallops, which come with a cauliflower puree and a hazelnut vinaigrette. The scallops were an absolute triumph-yes I can still taste them now two weeks later. The scallops were soft and sweet, complimented by the smooth cauliflower puree, the vinaigrette with bits of crunchy hazelnut and the spicy coriander. I must say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the flavourful cauliflower puree, I can't believe i just used flavourful and cauliflower in the same sentence. The Scallops are definitely a Must Try!

For main i ordered the roasted quail. On the menu it is described as marinated quail, braised cabbage with a raspberry and quail jus. What they fail to tell you is that the quail is stuffed with a delicious herb stuffing, Fantastic! The braised cabbage is super sweet but the raspberry and quail jus (which seemed and tasted a lot like a chutney to me) is well balanced and the brussel sprouts offset the cabbage sweetness somewhat.

Out of pure greed i squeezed in a dessert as well, the duo of chocolate.  
Be warned it's not for the fainthearted!  
Dark chocolate tart, white and dark chocolate terrine, milk ice cream and pistachio nut butter. What you can't see, because of my wonderful photographic skills is the dark chocolate tart. If you know a photographer who's willing to do pro bono work to send him/her over to me.
 The ice cream was wonderful, the tart intense chocolate flavour and i mean chocolate flavour not the sugary stuff that dairymilk calls chocolate. Although I have to admit that the white choc terrine did taste a little like milkybar.

DW Eleven-13 served up some great eating and I will be going back for more! Can you say Supperclub?! It is definitely fine dining priced, but you will leave with the feeling it was money well spent. I say this while my evening was bought and paid for by the company.
They also offer lunch specials which are R115 per person for  2 courses and R150 for 3. If you opt for this option I would definitely order the aged sirloin steak to get more bang for my buck.
DW Lunch special

Happy Fine Dining!

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