Sunday, March 6, 2011

All about Salvation Cafe at 44 Stanley

As I wrote the title of this post, I wondered is it really all about Salvation Cafe when I walk into 44 Stanley Milpark? Honestly for me walking into 44 Stanley is almost like walking into a gypsy's chest of tricks. You could find anything and it has a magical I can be anyone and I can exercise my artsy sensibilities!

The first thing that hits me, as I get out of my car, is the smell of baking bread that lingers over from Vovo Telo Bakery. And I have to be honest the smell of baking bread puts me into an almost euphoric mood, there are not many things that makes me happier than walking into a bakery and breathing in the bread! hmmmmmm, well perhaps watching it rise is more joyous! the chemical reaction

Now back to Salvation Cafe that had the grace of welcoming a patron on a bread aroma induced high. This Saturday is the first time I notice the Salvation Cafe board "Preaches the soul of good food". On this day and most other days i wisit I do feel like my morning walk through 44 Stanley towards Salvation is a spiritual journey through food that begins with the smell of baked bread and ends at the bottom of milky cafe latte.
I walked into Salvation Cafe at 09:00am and already had many tables reserved and about four tables of customers well into their breakfast. A mix of families and couples all with slightly artsy sensibilities. I choose a table inside as it's slightly nippy out and am seated next to a wonderful lamp, which makes me feel like I'm sitting in a eccentric aunts house or in the gypsy's trailer.

When at Salvation for breakfast I only order the eggs benedict, it's the best in Jozi that I've found and I just have to have it everytime. If i don't I suffer from intense loss and regret the following day or even a couple of hours later. Soft english muffin topped by smoky bacon, a soft poached egg and a smooth creamy yet slightly acidic hollandaise sauce. The extras are the rocket shoots, a lovely lgiht peppery addition.

I'm having breakfast with three girlfriends two of us ordered the benedict and two ordered american flapjacks with fruit and youghurt. No complaints were heard and conversation was paused, as if for prayer, as we all took and savoured our first bites.

Service can be slightly unattentive at times as the cafe gets fuller, which always makes me wonder how they allocate tables to waitstaff, as ours was serving tables outside as well. I also ordered a apple, pear and ginger fresh squeezed well juiced by a juicer actually. It's served cold which means the fruit must be refrigerated, high five for that. There's nothing worse than warm freshly squeezed juice. And I ended my meal off with a mild cafe latte.

The weather picked up while we were inside and we were in for a sunny Jozi summer day! We walk out at 11:00 am with Salvation and 44 Stanley a buzz with people. Gypsy market with many gypsy people.

What a wonderful way to start a Saturday! But perhaps it was just the smell of baking bread

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