Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A quick dessert pick me up

So I was sitting at my desk at work today and dreaming about a little dessert pick me up that I would reward myself with. But for me the real reward is thinking about what I'd like to make and knowing that I have all the ingredients at home to make it. Happiness! No after work queuing to get one last ingredient.

Tuesday's dessert pick me up is my take on a strawberry shortcake. All that is needed is Madeira or orange cake, frozen berries, amaretto liquer, orange juice, icing sugar, cream, greek yoghurt, fresh berries (I used raspberries and gooseberries) and pomegranate seeds as extras like the fairy dust on top.

May I add that amaretto and frozen berries are a must in my pantry. There are so many quickie desserts that can be made with both. Oh and I do love a boozy berry!

It all takes like 10 minutes, honestly whipping with a hand whisk is the most time consuming, yes I always use a single hand whisk.

It's wonderful! the sauce is slightly sweet but the berries stay tart. The the citrus and sweet almond amaretto flavour come through wonderfully, the taste is as deep as the colour. Finally the cream yoghurt that's a sweet and tart mixture, and I also love love a good dollop of cream.


  1. We missing the blog Thando. Are there no great "eats" on your European holiday?