Saturday, March 12, 2011

Too much of a good thing at Dukes?

It was a sweltering Jozi summer afternoon today and I had an appointment with a burger. Well actually it's a friend's bday lunch and she's a gourmet burger aficionado. So Dukes in Greenside it is. We're sitting in the outside booths, which are purple vintage fresh chandeliers and all. We're seperated from the neighbouring booth by a bookshelf. The booths are vintage quaint a contrast to the idea of a man sized burger joint, but perhaps that's the appeal to our table of ladies.

I was wondering can you ever get too much of a good thing? Well having been to Dukes in Greenside twice in two weeks, I came to the conclusion that I need to define what it means in my foodie case.

In the case of Dukes too much of a good thing means that I came across a burger on the menu that lacked lustre. The Duchess, a man sized patty topped with sweet, pickled betroot, crunchy sweet potato chips and horseradish. I also added a slice of mozzarella cheese for good measure. I love a burger with cheese, actually thinking about it I almost always add a cheese to my burger. My motto is clearly more is more!

The Duchess
The Duchess just did not have as much horseradish zing as I would like. I wanted a good amount that had the effect of feeling the slight heat through your nose. So the toppings just couldn't stand up to the lightly seasoned patty. Their fries as they call them, they're chips to me as fries are skinny in my mind, aren't salted but are drizzled with a wonderful sweet yet vinegary balsamic reduction

 Like a told my waiter it's a good burger, because it's good ground beef, but it's not Duke's best for my taste.

The Fidel Castro

A burger I would recommend especially for those who like it SPICY as I do, is the Fidel Castro, the one I had two weeks ago. The patty is flamed grilled in tequila, which honestly i didn't get a hint of but it's the thought that counts. Topped with jalapenos, a sweet corn salsa and guacamole. It's the combination of the jalapenos and the spice on the baby sweetcorn that causes a taste explosion. It's a stands up well to the hefty meaty patty without over powering it. I had the Fidel Castro two weeks ago with sweet potato wedges, which were the perfect sweet balance to spicy Fidel. And you know what makes it great is that I can taste now in my mind's eye, which is something the Duchess just does not have.

On both occasions I end of the day with the soft sweet banana toffee pie, whis is more like a cake with a good hadful of banana slices. It's lovely served with cream.

So is there too much of a good thing? If  you mean a big burger followed by a bana toffe pie then I'd say no but Alas yes if you choose the Duchess

It was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but I think now it's time for something more dainty! macaroons anyone?


  1. "more means more" and then more means less is quite a lesson. ... but then who can beat Fidel Castro!

  2. I too consider myself a foodie and having been to Dukes a few times I confirm that when it comes to burgers and pies, there is NEVER too much of a good thing. Loving your blog, so glad I found it :)