Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Conquering the Ramen craving at Japa

After trying to fight my massive craving for ramen, i finally gave in last Friday and on a recommendation from a friend tried out Japa in Rivonia. I ordered the Cha Syu Ramen, which came in a seriously big bowl!

The broth was wonderful and salty, but salty in a good way. The noodles were fresh and perfectly cooked, slurp slurp. The thin slices of pork were soft and tender, but I must say i felt my pork to broth and noodle ratio was a bit low.

It's served with pickled ginger, nori and spring onions. The trick is always loading up your chop sticks and spoon with the noodles, broth, pickled ginger, nori and spring onions. Without a splash and broth in my face, I'm still working on that.

The BF ordered the Katsu Don which in terms of flavour outshone the ramen. But Ramen I still love you. It was served with a side of miso broth that was super tasty and mildly salted. The Katsu don is rice topped with pieces of porkbelly, shiitake mushrooms and scrambly egg. The depth of the flavour in the rice was amazing, salty slightly porky with earthy mushroom tones. Wonderful! although the bf said the rice wasn't sticky enough - semantics i say!

A side note portions are meant to be shared and are definitely not for one. Overall verdict Japa is super authentic and I'll be back for sure!

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