Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today's craving - ramen

I have found that of late I have Asian inspired cravings and today is no different. I am craving pulled pork ramen. I haven't mastered the art of eating it, but trust you me I get through it.

Momofuku ramen

Slightly salty soy broth, with soft melt in your mouth pork belly and strands of pulled pork. Chinese mushrooms,spring onions, pickled ginger. And to top it all off a soft poach egg and on wonderful ramen noodles. My heart is warm just writing about it, and my tongue tingling with excitement.

So I'm searching for the best ramen in Jozi, so far on my list the Duck Ramen at So Yum in Hyde Park and then the Miso Cha Shu Ramen at Yamato, although Yamato's Nabeyaki Udon seems more along the lines of the Momofuku ramen that first sparked my love for this broth dish.

On the hunt for best ramen in Jozi! All ramen on the brain

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