Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Christmas Review

Now that the holidays are over, sigh of relief but sad to let go. All the family has headed back to their respective homes, it's a great time to review the holiday successes. I received a wonderful gift from my colleagues at the office Nigella Lawson's Feast: Food that celebrates life.

I can testify that it's been wonderful so far! On Christmas day we used her Fully festive ham recipe for the gammon and it was a hit. Tender,salty and slightly sweet at the same time.

Fully festive Gammon 

 We are traditionalists so at every special meal there is ox tongue and a leg of lamb. This year we decided to put the leg of lamb on the braai. The ox tongue is cooked, well boiled, in water with cloves, mustard powder, onion, carrot and garlic to add flavour.

The lamb was marinaded in garlic, rosemary, thyme and olive oil placed in a bag and in the fridge overnight. Season with salt and pepper just before placing on the grill. Simple ingredients, maximum flavour!

Lamb on braai

 A new entrant on the menu was the Lebanese tabouleh, I'm told that the Lebanese version is greener than the North African one. My Grandaunt's husband is Lebanese, so he was bringing his tradition to our table. 


All in all it was a traditional meal with a touch of diversity courtesy of the Tabouleh!

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