Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Craving crab cakes

On my list of favourite things to eat are crab cakes. That salty meaty flavour, served on sandwich or alone with an aioli Yum! There's something about it that touches my heart - yes food equals love to me!

On my 2011 top ten eats is this crab cake sandwich I had at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's market in San Francisco. Crab cake, lettuce, tomato on a fresh toasted sourdough baguette. It was heavenly one hand eating on a Saturday morning.

One of my favourite brunch spots in New York Ze Cafe serves a combination of a perfectly poached egg and a crab cake. That burst egg yolk and the slightly salty sea tasting crab meat is a winner - sublime! Ze Cafe crab cake served with a perfectly poached egg and hollandaise sauce on spinach. 

One thing I don’t get is why I can never find crab cakes in Jozi and dare I say South Africa. I mean we have an abundance of fishcakes especially the salmon variety. Given that Mozambican crabs aren’t hard to find I just don’t understand why restaurants aren’t serving up crab cakes.

So for now I look forward to my next trip to the US where crab cakes are available in abundance. If you know of a place that serves them in Jozi, do let me know.

Starting the crab cake revolution!

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  1. Finally, San Francisco is being unveiled as I have been waiting for a while and is does not disappoint!
    You are spot on about crab cakes ....and I hope someone is reading, or should I say listening...?!