Friday, June 15, 2012

So Yum Ramen

I had a tea that turned into dinns at So Yum in Hyde Park this week. Although they are known for their dim sum, it's chilly out and I was in the mood for ramen. You know how I love ramen. So Yum happens to have a duck ramen, I do enjoy duck so it was a go.
This contemporary ramen had a light, flavourful broth, though I could've used with a little chilli. The duck was perfectly done the meat tender and the skin crispy, yes I said it crispy skin on top of a broth. The only thing that beats crispy duck skin is crackling. The broth, soft ramen noodles, slightly crunchy bok choy and crispy skin make for a great bite slurp.

My dinner, well tea, date Nandi of (yes we love her blog) ordered a few recommended dim sum, the prawn toasts and hong kong pears (sans actual pear), to taste. The absence of actual pear was a disappointment to Nandi but she said it was tasty nonetheless.

Happy bite slurping!

So Yum
Ground floor, Hyde Park shopping Centre
011 325 5360

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