Monday, June 18, 2012

Baked camembert

For cheese lovers only!

I served a baked camembert last Friday, as a starter for my father's birthday dinner. After seeing so many contestants do it for Come Dine with Me UK (including the little cutie from Blue), I just had to try it. I opted to just check if Jamie (Oliver that Jamie) had a recipe on his site and yes of course he did, so I used his as a guide Jamie recipe It's a great simple yet fancy and posh seeming starter, a wonderful winter treat for cheese lovers.

This is like fondue in 25 mins, all that needs to be done is put in a few slices of garlic and a fews herbs then bake it for 20mins. Slice pieces of baguette, peel back the camembert rind and dip in. I opted to use the South African (full fat) Fairview camembert and it was smooth, creamy with a subtle smoky undertone.

Always remember it's a dipping race to get as much camembert as you can before it cools down.

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